About Us

Who am I?

My name is Mosa and I live in South Africa. I graduated with a Diploma in Information Technology Programming. Love for Anime, movies and Binging on Series has always been a hobby of mine.

Why Lonely Spirit Reviews?

My love for the Entertainment Industry started around the age of 8 and I've wanted to share my opinion on whatever I've seen and wanted to see, I love writing, it's in my DNA.

Do I accept sponsored posts / advertising?

Lonely Spirit Reviews Currently accepts advertising, affiliate partnerships, and also sponsored posts with brands that are related to anime, movies and series.

Our story

Lonely Spirit Reviews has been an idea I’ve thought about many times over, I want to share with the world on all the amazing things I get to experience whether it be Anime, Movies, Series and even Gaming.
Africa as a whole seems to sleep on the idea of animation, but I can confirm to you that Anime changed my life for the better and because of this I hope I can one day change someone else’s through words.
We currently do not accept offers for products/services limited to only people over 18 or gambling sites.
If you are interested, you can e-mail us at Lonelyspiritreviews@gmail.com