One Piece 1076

One Piece 1076 – “The World that Luffy Wants”

One Piece 1076 – “The World That Luffy Wants” has finally been released worldwide and this episode has been highly anticipated as the clash between Luffy and Kaido reaches its legendary erupting point.


However, before we get to see the winner that to the 4-year-long running Arc, we’re given a brief yet detailed perspective into the life of Kaido, from the early age of ten.


Kaido had been born into a country that was already struggling to pay their heavenly tribute to the celestial dragons resulting in the kingdom waging war against it’s own people to make ends meet even at the cost of selling off it’s most promising warrior, a young unwilling Kaido.Kaido age 10     
After hearing about the young Orc’s many victories, the World Government had approached the Vodka Kingdom with a proposal, they’d be welcomed to the next Reverie even without paying the heavenly tribute but only on the condition that they take Kaido for their own and make him a Marine.


This didn’t sit well with Kaido who is a Conqueror’s Haki user so he fled the Marines, only getting captured so that he could have something to eat before breaking free and escaping once again.


By the age of fifteen Kaido had made a name for himself even catching the ears of the notorious Captain Rocks D. Xebec who already had an infamous number of Captains under his wing in the likes of Whitebeard, Big Mom, and Shiki the Golden Lion.

This gave Kaido the impression that the world is dominated by violence, and might make right. Since his always been considered the strongest from an early age, he finds no error in his ways, it’s only natural for the strong to take from the weak – whether it results in their death means absolutely nothing.


Not to mention Kurozumi Higurashi who tried to manipulate Kaido into taking over the Land of Wano as a means of having her revenge against the Kizuki clan.


This episode truly outdid itself compared to the manga in terms of clarity, direction, pacing, and delivering an emotional heavy burden over the Land of Wano and the suffering of its people since the arrival of Kaido.
Another key detail that the anime does justice to is portraying Kaido’s Flame Dragon form, at first you’d think that Kaido himself is the Flame Dragon, however, it’s Kaido cloaking himself in a fury of vicious flames to create this gigantic flame dragon form, simply put – his gone “Megazord” on Luffy lol…


The animation is top-tier, cinema quality throughout the episode which is a much-appreciated bonus for such a pivotal moment to end the arc.


From the black and white impact frames which looked visually dazzling to the scene of Luffy floating in the air after achieving a massive victory over Kaido to end it all with the iconic laugh that reminded me of Roger’s laugh when finding Laugh Tale in the manga while being surrounded by sky lanterns filled with the hopes and dreams of the people of Wano – what a joyful experience this episode is.

However, there’s also the giant revelation that has eluded us for so many years that we must address, that being – Luffy’s Dream.


From the very beginning of the series, I’d always thought Luffy’s ambition was to become “King of the Pirates” but to realize that there is more to this ambition than meets the eye caught me completely off guard.


This sudden revelation only emphasizes why “Emperors of the Seas/Yonko” are considered so feared and respected, standing among the greatest of greats.


But Luffy’s dream to create a world where his friends can eat as much as they want throughout the entire world makes it all the more clear why Eiichiro Oda can’t wait to draw the final panel of the series, it’s going to be amazing.



I give One Piece Episode 1076 a 5 out of 5 rating.


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