Top 5 Series - 2022

Top 5 Series – 2022

Happy New Year to All. As the curtains close on the year 2022, I believe it’s only fair that we take a look back at the spectacles that have graced our screens, some gave us hope for the future and what 2023 has to offer whilst others have concluded on a high note.

With so many series to watch on an array of streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, Disney+ and so much more, making this list of Top 5 series would prove to be a challenge. This a challenge I accept regardless of whether this list is correct or not.


These are the Top 5 series that have had the most impact on my life for the year 2022, so without further ado, let’s dive into it.

1. House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon
Coming at Number 1 we have the prequel to Game of Thrones which once took the entire world by storm – House of the Dragon. Based on the novel “Fire & Blood” by George R. R. Martin.


The story has only just begun and already it has stolen my heart. The cast is phenomenal, the betrayal is justified, and let us not forget the Dragons are fierce.


Prepare to witness a fire-blazing civil war of succession which will later be remembered as the “Dance of the Dragons.” I can’t wait for season 2.


Released On: 21 August 2022


You can stream it on: HBO Max


2. Stranger Things (Season 4)

Stranger Things (Season 4)
Taking the spot of second place we have the fourth season of Stranger Things. All things finally come to a full circle when the events from the very beginning of the series back in 2016 finally show their face.


Coming face to face against the dark secrets lurking within the small of Hawkins, Indiana. Is a handful of friends and their parents, a young girl with telekinesis abilities, and a former police officer? Will that be enough to stop the mastermind from turning this small town into the parallel dimension called “The Upside-Down”?


Released On: 27 May 2022


You can stream it on Netflix


3. 1899

At number 3 we have the latest series from German Dynamic Duo directors Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese with ‘1899’. Though the series has only just been released as little as a month ago, I found it ecstatically mind-bending, ever-eye-gripping, and charismatically charming.


We are in the twilight stages of this intriguing series and even though I have completed the first season, we are no closer to finding out the truth about the mysteries that are lurking in the shadows.


Unfortunately, 1899 has been canceled by Netflix and will not return for a second season.


Released On: 17 November 2022


You can watch it on Netflix


4. The Boys (Season 3)

The Boys (Season 3)
The Boys is a series that is famously known for taking superheroes that we all love and admire, and revealing them in a different light, their realistic, most arrogant moments in life.


Imagine the DC Comics superhero known as Superman, and instead of him being the hero of Metropolis, he is the complete opposite. A man that reveres his public image more than anything. Willing to risk the lives of thousands so long as his public image is not tainted.


This series is truly amazing in showing the contrast between a person with powers, politics, and the mediocre tendencies of businesses that choose to involve themselves with so-called celebrities without knowing the full picture of the person on and off the screen.


For this reason, it takes the 4th spot in the slot.


Released On: 3 June 2022


You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video


5. Eve

Last but not least, and coming at Number 5. Eve may be the only Korean series to be included on the list, however, that only goes to illustrate the incredible production and powerful performances behind this passionate telenovela.


The main plot revolves around a young lady by the name of Lee La-El, and the chairman of LY Group, Kang Yoon-Kyum. The young lady is out for revenge for the brutal murder of her father at the hands of the prime minister and his daughter to gain full control over her parent’s company.


With the memories of her father’s torture fresh on her mind even years later after leaving the country. Lee La-El is determined to bring those that caused her such grief to justice even at the cost of her life.


Revenge comes at a price, the same as wealth grown from the blood of innocence. No drama series has had me more interested and glued to the monitor as this has.


Love, greed, and betrayal show their true faces with the phenomenal performances of the cast. Getting closer to the finale only grew my love for this series even more, though sadly everything is addressed in this one season, so do not expect a second season to return.

Released On: 1 June 2022


You can watch it on tvN


The year 2022 has been filled with brilliant shows across all streaming platforms, whether it be: Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, etc, please keep in mind that these shows had the most impact on me.


Thank you for reading LSR’s Top 5 Series list for 2022, and once again, Happy New Year! Wishing you all prosperity.

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