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There is a lot of revenge-centered series in the Korean Drama library but none of them come close to – The Glory, directed by Gil Ho Ah, starring Song Hye-kyo and Jung Ji-So.
The hit revenge series written by Kim Eun-sook which took all of South Korea by storm is split into two parts consisting of 8 episodes each. Part One released on the 30th of December 2022 and Part Two releasing as soon as the 10th of March 2023.
However, how well does it stand up against other revenge series? Let’s dive into the review to find out.
The Glory follows the life of a young woman named Moon Dong-eun, who is bullied to the point of deciding to drop out of school and decides to dedicate the rest of her miserable life to planning the best way to get revenge.
After becoming a primary school teacher, she takes in the son of the man who tormented her the most to enact her vengeance.
This show is by all means not for the faint-hearted, the level of physical and emotional abuse that Moon Dong-eun played by Jung Ji-So goes through is heartbreaking, agonizing, and inhumane.
Her antagonists are a bunch of privileged spoilt brats that seem to live in a world or reality of their own as society has taught them that as long as you have money – you can always pay your way out of a sticky situation and that you as the victim have no one else but yourself to blame for being born poor.
After spending nearly two decades planning her revenge, Moon Dong-eun befriends a woman by the name of Kang Hyeon-nam played by Yeom Hye-ran.
Her life is also filled with misery as her husband abuses her daily in front of her daughter who represents the only light in her life, however, through this one-sided relationship with Moon Dong-eun, she begins to dream again, laugh again and her performance is riveting by all means.
Kang Hyeon-nam’s character will grow on you leaving you sometimes speechless and at most times laughing out loud as her animated personality begins to leak out of the darkness, inevitably indicating to us as the audience that even through the hardship, the abuse, and torment – you can never destroy someone’s true nature.
As for the four friends of bullies, the show adds interesting twists and turns, indicating they aren’t completely impenetrable.
They have a hierarchy amongst themselves that is determined by their social status and class, cracks which can and will be exploited by Moon Dong-eun and lead to their demise.
Not to mention, The Glory has a way of playing with your heart and expectations, constantly pulling and letting go of the string that has your curiosity wondering – how will she achieve her revenge, is she going to go through with it, this will cost her everything.
Without a doubt, one of the best revenge tragedy series I’ve gotten the honor of watching from start to finish whilst loving the show, being completely captivated by the story, the characters, and the characters I love to hate even more.
The first revenge series I saw was “Revenge” featuring Emily VanCamp, however, somewhere during the second season it become repetitive so I stopped watching.
Make no mistake, The Glory is a gut-wrenching series, with plenty of upsetting scenes especially when you consider the age of the individuals involved but it also has its funny, light-hearted, and encouraging moments that give you hope for a second wind.
All the cast did a phenomenal job with their performances, round of applauds to Song Hye-kyo, Jung Ji-So, Yeom Hye-ran, and Lim Ji-yeon for sending chills down my spine every time she appeared on screen with her arrogant tone and behavior.
When they say a villain is incapable of sympathy and atonement, Park Yeon-jin would be the characterization of the word in the flesh, a person who believes that she has done nothing wrong and that everything can be justified to suit her narrative.
You can watch The Glory on the streaming platform – Netflix.
I give The Glory a 4.4 out of 5 rating.
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Until next time, stay blessed.The Glory
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Kim Eun-sook

“Actually, a lot of Dong Euns in the world do not have that means. They weren't able to meet parents who have the money and were not given the family situation. So, I want to show my support for them. I tried to write the story so that Dong Eun can successfully carry out her revenge because it's not like that in reality."

A young woman, bullied to the point of deciding to drop out of school, plans the best way to get revenge. After becoming a primary school teacher, she takes in the son of the man who tormented her the most to enact her vengeance.
  • Song Hye-kyo
  • Lim Ji-yeon
  • Lee Do-hyun
  • Cha Joo-young
  • Jung Sung-il
  • Kim Hieora
  • Park Sung-hoon
  • Kim Gun-woo
  • Yeom Hye-ran
  • Shin Ye-eun
  • Jung Ji-So
  • Oh Min-ae
  • Park Yoon-hee
  • Kang Gil-woo
  • Choi Soo-in
  • Oh Ji-yul
  • Gil Ho Ahn
  • Hwa and Dam Pictures
  • Netflix
  • 16 Episodes

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