Top 5 Anime

Top 5 Anime

Animation lovers and anime fans, with us nearing the end of the year, I’d love to take this opportunity to make a list of the top 5 anime that has been released in the year 2022.


With so many anime being released across the world, one can only imagine how hard it must be to even create such a list with the incredible year 2022 has been across all seasons and the outstanding titles that have graced our screens.
So without further ado, let’s get started with the very first list LSR has assembled. This will be my personal Top 5 Anime for the Year 2022.


1. Bleach

Ichigo Kurosaki - TYBW

Coming back after a decade on hiatus, Bleach is without a doubt the greatest comeback anime anyone has ever seen. The Thousand-Year Blood War sees the Shinigami of Soul Society take on their greatest arch-nemesis, the Quincy who has been in hiding for centuries, gathering their strength.


Ichigo will have to face the truth about his identity and face the source of his power and where it all began. Everything finally converges into one finale that is set to leave a mark in the animation industry for years to come.


Released On: 11 October 2022


2. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Season 2)

Demon Slayer Season 2

After becoming a worldwide phenomenon with its first season, Demon Slayer takes the spot of number 2 on the list with its second season which sees our favorite demon slayers hunt one of the most ancient demons that has thrived for over a century. 


Fans that did not see Mugen Train will have so much to look forward to as Season 2 begins with an extended recap of the movie and so much more. Join Tanjiro and the gang as they assist the Sound Hashira on his latest mission in the Entertainment District. 


Released On: 5 December 2021


3. Attack on Titan (Part 2)

Attack on Titan Part 2

Arguably one of the greatest anime in the last decade, Attack on Titan: Shingeki no Kyojin comes in as number 3 on the list for the Year 2022. After Part 1, which saw us invading the nation of Marley, Part 2. sees the remaining nations all over the world come together against the lone Island of Paradise.


Most mysteries about the Titans and the Founder Ymir are addressed in Part 2, and our protagonist Eren Jeager is forced to make some difficult decisions that will either lead the world into ruin or its new dawn.


Released On: 10 January 2022


4. Berserk – The Golden Age Arc Memorial Edition

Berserk - Griffith

Coming in at number 4, we have Berserk – The Golden Age Arc Memorial Edition which was released to honor the late creator of the Berserk manga, Kentaro Miura who passed away from an acute aortic dissection.


This memorial edition also commemorates the 10th anniversary of the movies, doing a truly remarkable job with its updated animation and CGI which by far become my favorite CGI series. There are levels to this CGI mechanics and Berserk is doing a phenomenal job at it.


Guts, the lone mercenary wandering across the lands bursting with wars on every end wields a sword that no man could ever think of carrying meets the bands of the hawks, and for the first time, thinks he has a place he can call home. 


Released On: 2 October 2022


5. Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man - Denji

Last but not least on the Top 5 Anime list, we have Chainsaw Man which has taken the anime community by storm. This is certainly one anime you do not want to miss as it’s hilarious, and gruesome at the same time and knows exactly how to mess with your emotional cords to have you hooked on it forever.


The protagonist of this show is called Denji, who can transform himself into the Chainsaw Devil, and with this power and the Public Safety Devil Hunters at the helm, they hunt down devils that have been terrorizing and destroying communities for years.


Released On: 12 October 2022


Honorable Mentions

The Year 2022 has given us some incredible titles and quality of animation that I thought to myself, why not mention a few honorable mentions to list because not doing so would honestly be a crime. In no particular order, these are anime series that you should also look for when you get the time. 


Mob Psycho 100 (Season 3)

Mob Psycho 100

Without a doubt, one of the underdogs for this year’s anime is Mob Psycho 100 (Season 3). This season has shown a great amount of character development for Mob which has been a true bliss to watch.


The world of telepaths isn’t all glam and sunshine, Mob is probably the strongest telepath there is around, but still goes out of his way to live a normal life without relying on his powers for every answer, he’d rather rely on his friends and teacher.


Released On: 6 October 2022


One Piece

One Piece - Luffy

One Piece which I consider the greatest anime series of all time makes it on the honorable list because frankly, it’s been airing since 1999 on Fuji Television. Though it was not released this year still making waves across all platforms and not to mention, The Land of Wano Arc has been nothing but spectacular to watch.


Luffy and the rest of the StrawHat crew are ever closer to achieving their dreams and uncovering the truth about the void century. However, Kaido the strongest creature alive, and Big Mom, two of the current emperors of the sea stand in their way. Will the dream end or will the dreams of the people converge into one and form their path? 


Released On: 20 October 1999

SPY x Family

Spy x Family - The Forger Family

Spy x Family which first become a quick sensation through its manga has lived up to its hype with its trial blazing animation by studios CloverWorks and Wit Studio.


Twilight, the most notorious spy from the West is on a mission: Operation Strix which needs him to get close to Desmond from Ostania, to achieve this he disguises himself as Loid Forger and adopts a girl named Anya, who is a telepath and marries Yor Briar, who is an Assassin. 


All of them are hiding their secret identities from one another, however, as time passes by they begin to truly value and love their pretend family so much so that, it’s no longer a pretend family for them but their place of comfort and joy.


Released On: 9 April 2022 


Keep in mind that the list I have put together is my very own opinion, you do not need to agree or disagree with the list, however, I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.


Thank you for reading the Top 5 Anime List from, LSR.


  • Laurika

    Well , done Mosa .
    This is really making me happy to see how good the reviews had become .
    Thanks for 2022.

    Hope 2023 will be also amazing.
    Have a wonderful festive time..

    • Mosa Saudi

      Laurika, Thank you so much for the kind words but you and I both that you were the one that inspired me to begin putting my emotions into words which I thank you once again.

      Wishing you the same as always.

      Have a fantastic festive season and the best of everything.

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