Candy Man 2021

First of all I would love to take this moment to congratulate Director (Nia DaCosta) for being the first black female to debut atop the U.S Box Office and boy oh boy is it well earned.
Candyman has had me on the edge of seat with anticipation and story building. At first I may have thought this would be another remake of all the movies we know and thankfully I was proven wrong.
From the beginning and I mean, from its shadow puppetry and cultivating reclamation of the Candyman legend to its racial and political aspects. Nia DaCosta is certainly not only brave but smart and intellectually polished with her direction masterpiece.
The sequel does the original so much justice thanks to the cast (Yahya Abdul Mateen II and Teyonah Parris) because not only do we get to know about this word of mouth ghost called Candyman however we dig deeper and understand the term “Candyman” has been bestowed to those for generation and generations.


Definitely a must watch

Director - Nia DaCosta

Is The 1st Black Female Director To Debut Atop The U.S. Box Office

If there is one thing you should know about horror movies, it’s that the music seems to be on an endless loop but this sound was very familiar to Jordan Peele’s earlier film “Get Out”.
Rating: 5/10
Love that it’s a sequel to the (1992) classic expanding on the racial tension between the rich and poor.
History will always repeat itself.
Rating: 7/10
Ladies and Gentle with such an experienced cast, is there anyway you can go wrong?
The entire cast is phenomenal, from the director to the producers and actors and actresses.
There is nothing I can point out about this cast that I did not love.
Rating: 8/10