Now we have all heard or seen the story of Cinderella, the lovely kind hearted girl who lived with her jealous step mother and obnoxious sisters, however this one comes with a twist.
Get ready folks because if you are expecting anything close the source material than you are in for a shocker.
Cinderella in my eyes was or is about a girl who dreams to become a princess but is held back by the factors in life. One being her mother and two being her step sisters who constantly abuse and mistreat her at every turn.
This adaptation however is so laser focused on Cinderella tackling the dreams of gender inequality that it almost feels like a completely different movie, one would not think they were watching a Cinderella movie if it were not for the glass shoe.
I struggled to comprehend why the wicked step mother (Idina Menzel) seemed to be more caring and compassionate towards her step daughter even protecting her at times, not to mention the step sisters (Charlotte Spencer and Maddie Baillio) who clearly seemed as if they did not approve of the manner their mother mistreated Cinderella.
Expect everything out of the ordinary “source material” from this adaption, which isn’t really all that bad however I did expect to see more, more character development, more story telling, deeper insight into Cinderella.
So for those who have not seen the movie yet, place your expectations low the best thing about this movie is most likely the amazing cast.
Director - Kay Cannon

“If I were to ever redo anything, I’d be more thoughtful and rewrite that pilot. I know what my north star is but I don’t want to cross that imaginary line and put people off.”

Ambitious orphan Cinderella gets some magical help from her Fabulous Godfather and Mice to realise her dream of becoming a business women and making signature dresses.
Camila Cabello
Nicholas Galitzine
Billy Porter
Idina Menzel