• My Hero Academia Season 6

    My Hero Academia: Season 6

    It’s about that time ladies and gentlemen, in this review, we’ll be going over My Hero Academia: Season 6, which covers both the “Paranormal Liberation War” and “Dark Hero” arcs. This season ran for two consecutive cours consisting of 25 episodes in total which aired from the 1st of October 2022 – the 25th of March 2023, all directed by Kenji Nagasaki. In a world where those born with superhuman abilities are known as “Quirks,” Midoriya Izuku has aspirations to one day become a hero but there’s a catch – he’s Quirkless. After a tragic accident involving his friend Katuski Bakugo; Midoriya is the only one to have stepped forward…

  • The Sandman

    The Sandman

    Tom Sturridge stars as Lord Morpheus in DC Comic’s graphic novel – The Sandman by creator Neil Gaiman. This has been a highly anticipated series, getting a lot of love from pretty much all corners of the internet but is it worth the hype? We are first introduced to the story with a narration from the protagonist Dream himself, letting us know that there is another world waiting for us when we close our eyes and fall asleep. A place called the Dreaming. It is here where The Sandman, the master of dreams gives shape to all our deepest fantasies and fears. One fateful night, the Sandman, aka Dream, is…