Berserk: The Golden Age Arc – Memorial Edition Season Finale.

Berserk: The Golden Age Arc delivers a heartwarming tribute to the late creator of the manga in its season finale of the Memorial Edition, closing the curtains on the year 2022 on a high note.


I’ve always wondered why the series was called Berserk, to begin with, and I’m so glad I watched this memorial edition because I think I’ve found the answer.


Like any anime out there that doesn’t begin with its usual opening credits can only mean one thing, this specific episode is about to be epic on a massive scale and that’s exactly what was executed in this finale.


The episode begins immediately from where we last left off from the previous episode, with the arrival of the new Demon King that has been born from within Griffith called Femto.


This new form of Griffith represents his darkest and cruel side, devoid of any human connection and respect for even those he once called comrades.


To certify this new change, Femto’s first initial action is to rape the lieutenant of his once great army – Casca. Not only did she look up to Griffith for rescuing her but there was once a point in her life when all she wanted was to be in his arms but not like this.


Femto knowing very well that Guts and Casca have developed feelings for each other goes out of his way to provoke Guts when he thoroughly deflowers her in the presence of her lover.


Out of disbelief that his once friend that he looked up to as a rival and best friend having his way with the woman he loves Guts goes completely “Berserk”.


Even the hordes of demons can’t restrain him as he sinks deeper into a raging state, as he reminisces about the friends that he has lost so abruptly.


Thankful he is saved by the Black-Horse rider that appears as a skeleton at the nick of time, escaping with both Guts and Casca as the only survivors of the once glorified ‘Band of the Hawks’.


Days later Guts finally opens his eyes only to be met with the sad reality that everything that he experienced was not a dream. He has not only lost an eye but an arm as well, though his main concern is whether Casca is okay or not.


As we showed Casca, all seems well until she sees Guts. She immediately goes into panic mode, behaving as if a child, not able to say a word let alone able to speak a comprehendible word.


The once proud and strong girl we once knew is longer there, it’s as if whatever happened to her during that horrific moment with Femto has become a nightmare that she has decided to lock away deep in her mind or that she may very well not remember anything of the life she once had.


Seeing this drives Guts crazy once again, promptly running out of the mountain and running across fields for hours as if he too were trying to unsee or discredit what had happened until the brand of sacrifice begins to ache.


It’s at this moment that Guts is attacked by spirits that want his body and flesh and the Black-Horse rider appears again, stating that he will forever be haunted by devils and demons alike for the rest of his life for as long as he has the brand of sacrifice on him.


Though at the same it’s because of this same brand that allows Guts to see the supernatural and fight against them.


Any other person in the same situation would normally have given up hope and any kind after witnessing such power he’ll have to face, or the disadvantage of numbers stacked against him, however, Guts is built differently, it’s in this moment that he declares war on the demon kings of God’s hand.


A truly great episode in every regard, from the animation to the pacing and character development. Berserk is just one of those animations that aren’t for everyone at the first glance, but given enough time will grow on you.


It’s like no other animation out there no matter how dark things get, Berserk scenes will forever live in your consciousness rent-free.


We are then treated to a beautiful send-off in honor of the late creator Kentaro Miura who unfortunately passed away in 2021.


This was my first re-watch of the Berserk series and even though I may have already known what was to come, it was watching it again that made me fall in love with the series again.


My advice is don’t sleep on Berserk animation lovers, give it a chance to get through the first season, only once you’ve gotten through the first season, then you can make your conclusion.


LSR will be back in January with more reviews and lists, so keep your ears to the streets. Can’t wait to see you then.


Have a Splendid Holiday Season. Till we meet again.Berserk
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