Day Shift

Day Shift

Vampires strike again in – Day Shift by director J. J. Perry featuring Jamie Foxx, Snoop Dogg, and Dave Franco.


A hard-working, blue-collar dad, Bud Jablonski played by Jamie Foxx is trying, by all means, to keep his family together in the tough economy of California, going so far as to keep his pool cleaning gig as a front, when in truth, his a part of an international organization of vampire hunters.
One day during his hunting routines, Bud Jablonski hunts down a couple of vampires, not aware of the consequences that will follow.
Is this just another vampire remake or is it worth watching?
Whether or not that I may seem biased, I’ve got to say, Blade featuring Wesley Snipes is still at the top of my list when it comes to vampire movies, however, Day Shift isn’t bad.
The lore about the vampires determined to achieve their goal of conquering the world during the night as well as the day isn’t necessarily the highlight of this movie.
The highlight would be both the characters of Bud Jablonski and Seth, played by Dave Franco.
I’d have never thought that seeing these two in the same movie so closely associated together could become such a dynamic charismatic duo, which I enjoyed.
Bud is only trying to make a quick buck with the limited time he has, taking on jobs that he normally wouldn’t take without the proper preparation, whilst Seth, a clerk working at the vampire organization has been assigned a new role to observe Bud Jablonski and report any violations he may breach.
Seth doesn’t know anything about the horrors that may happen on the front lines and yet is blindly thrown into the wolf’s den with no training, gun, or physical experience at all.
That’s where this movie shines, it’s hilarious to see and see the character of Dave Franco, his character is relatable to someone on his day at a new job, speaking about rules and regulations as if following them all word by word will keep you alive lol…
Not to mention, Day Shift offers plenty of action, whether it be hand-to-hand combat or gun-blazing action, J. J. Perry and cinematographer Toby Oliver do an amazing job with the drone shots to get the right angle for these crazy vampires.
These aren’t you normal vampires that just run around like brainless zombies, or shine like a diamond when brought into the light as Twilight, no these zombies are flexible, agile, and extremely amusing to watch.
My favorite scene throughout the entire movie will have to be the scene when we first meet the hive with the Nazarian brothers, Mike and Diran Nazarian played by Steve Howery and Scott Adkins.
This specific scene just embraces the ludicrous nature of this film, all in one house. The martial arts choreography with Scott Adkins is super amazing to see, mixed in with guns and brotherly senses that defy all expectations.
We can not forget whilst everyone is killing vampires left right and center, Seth has been fighting one vampire the entire scene clinging for dare life lol…
Snoop Dogg and Megan Good appear quite rarely in the movie but I’ve got to applaud the respect this movie gives to Snoop Dogg who plays the character of Big John Elliot.
This man is larger than life character, whether it be on or off the screen, the respect that this man receives is genuinely shocking.
Overall, Day Shift is a hilarious action-comedy that offers the viewer plenty of action, hilarious moments that will have tears running down your cheeks, and an exciting finish.
The pacing of the first act seems a bit slow but from act 2 it’s all hands on deck. For a movie with a runtime just short of two hours, it sure didn’t feel like it.
I enjoyed it, loved it, and hate that I took so long to see it but it was worth every moment.
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J. J. Perry

"I'm going to tell you, like, no disrespect, but I'd make three or four action movies a year as a stunt coordinator or a second-unit director. It's going to be really hard to beat someone like us that are in the field, doing it boots on the ground."

A hard-working, blue-collar dad just wants to provide a good life for his quick-witted 10-year-old daughter.
Jamie Foxx
Meagan Good
Snoop Dogg
Dave Franco
Karla Souza
Natasha Liu Bordizzo
Scott Adkins
Steve Howery
Oliver Masucci
Eric Lange
Peter Stormare
Zion Broadnax
Miyuki Matsunaga
J.C. Wendel
Danielle Kennedy
Massi Furlan
1h 54mins

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