Me Time

Me Time

Kevin Hart returns to another Netflix production set, this time teaming up with Mark Wahlberg and Regina Hall in Me Time.


Directed by John Hamburg best known for his film directing talent on movies such as “I Love You, Man” and “Why Him”.
“Me Time” becomes John Hamburg’s latest buddy-comedy which was released on the 26th of August 2022 by distributor Netflix with a runtime of just over 1h 41mins.
We follow the life of Sonny Fisher, a hard-working stay-at-home dad that’s been offered a week away from his family in years and uses this opportunity to reconnect with his best friend, Huck Dembo, who threatens to turn Sonny’s world upside down with his wild, abrasive nature.
So, is Me Time any good?
Well, while Me Time advertises itself to be a comedy-based movie, I found myself questioning some of the scenes and humorless script unconsciously.
I’m not saying the cast didn’t do a good job, but that the script felt a little forced, it didn’t feel natural, and it felt safe.
Kevin, Mark, and Regina play their characters phenomenally and I enjoyed seeing them throughout the movie doing their thing, Kevin is a comedian, no doubt about that, and Mark can be hilarious, depending on the situation.
However, Me Time doesn’t fully utilize the full potential of its amazing cast and fails to deliver a buddy-comedy that would be expected from such giants in the industry.
To make things even worse, the CGI at the beginning of the film and the mountain lion doesn’t help the movie at all. It looked awful, made it seem cheap, definitely rushed.
The storyline is gallivanting all over the place.
One moment, we’re in the middle of nowhere like a native tribe, next thing, we’re in a uber, then attacking turtles, then back to Sonny’s home.
Everything accumulates and erupts at a children’s talent show, and till to this moment, I can’t figure out where this movie was trying to lead me.
I’ve seen a lot more buddy-comedy films that are a lot more engaging and prompted a lot more humor and laughter than Me Time.
Overall, Me Time fails to deliver the comedic relief one would expect to see from such an outstanding cast, it leaves many to be desired.
At best you would get a few chuckles throughout the entire movie but never feel fully engaged in the film.
For this, I’ll be giving Me Time a 2.5 star out of 5 ratings.
Let me know in the comments section below what your thoughts on Me Time are. Do you agree or disagree with my review?
Have any suggestions for a better buddy-comedy, leave the name below.
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John Hamburg

"It was a few years ago. It began with a conversation with one of our executive producers, who was telling me he was alone without his family for the first time in a while. And that sort of sparked, Maybe there's a movie idea there."

With his family away, a stay-at-home dad enjoys his first me-time in years by reconnecting with an old friend for a wild weekend that may upend his life.
Kevin Hart
Mark Wahlberg
Regina Hall
Michelle DeShon
Tahj Mowry
John Amos
Ilia Isorelys Paulino
Luis Gerardo Méndez
Jimmy O. Yang
Anna Maria Horsford
Andrew Santino
Che Tafari
Deborah S. Craig
Diane Delano
Carlo Rota
Particular Pictures
HartBeat Productions
1h 41mins

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