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Spy x Family – Mission 24: The Role of a Mother and Wife / Shopping With Friends

Spy x Family Mission 24 delivers one of its memorable moments between Loid and Yor Forger which leaves fans in tears.


After the tennis match with Nightfall aka Fiona, it’s been weighing heavy on Yor’s mind whether Loid would be replacing her or if she was even good enough to be his wife.


Overhearing this, Loid takes the necessary measures to bond with Yor over a couple of drinks on a night out just the two of them, however, Yor is constantly overthinking things.


Yor feels that her use has reached its limit, even so, she wants Loid and Anya to be happy but can’t find the words to tell Loid that it’s okay. This single moment says what we already knew about Yor, that she loves her pretend even though she doesn’t want to admit it to herself at first.


Eventually leading up to the inevitable, Yor grabs her glass of alcohol and chugs it down so that she gets completely wasted. If she can’t say it while she’s sober, then she’ll certainly speak her mind when she’s tipsy lol…


Loid isn’t prepared for the bombardment of questions that Yor springs upon him, however, being the experienced spy he is, renowned across the entire world, Loid is left speechless for just a moment when he comes to realize that maybe just maybe, Yor genuinely might have feelings for him.


But his response to this revelation ends in a stunning knockout for Loid which unfortunately gets the couple kicked out of the luxury establishment.Mission 24
While still being knocked out by Yor, Loid dreams about his mother and the sweet songs she used to sing to him as a child. Upon opening his eyes, Loid quickly realizes that he had passed out due to Yor’s surprising kick and had been asleep on her lap all along.


Not only do we get to see Loid’s real reaction but after 23 episodes, we get to see Loid open up himself and talk about his past, which till this moment, had been a complete mystery.


Yor apologizes to Loid for being such a muscle head, strong woman and it is within those words that Loid decides to talk about his mother. Of whom he loved so much that even though they lived in an area that was constantly at war and bomb shells could have rained upon their home at any moment, when he was in his mother’s arms, he’d always feel protected and safe.


I enjoyed this moment so much that tears started shedding down my face and I love that this moment was with Yor. I find it hard to open up in general, whether it be with family or friends.


I’ve been hurt by people I once called friends, however, when I’m writing like this I’m putting all of me in it. That’s how I connect with characters and that’s why I love Spy x Family so much.


It’s about people who are trying to give the best to the world coming together and working together, to create a better future for the next generation. Even though we all have secrets and fears that we keep to ourselves.


Moving along, Loid tells Yor that Anya feels the same way that he did about his mother and that she should be confident in herself because she’s truly a wonderful mother.


This one scene alone highlights the emotional side of Spy x Family making this episode worth reviewing aside from its action-packed moments and comedy that is abundant. Sadly we have only one more episode before the end of Season 1, which I’m not ready for.Mission 24
The second part of Mission 24 is focused on Anya Forger and her best-friend Becky Blackbell, who’ve decided to go on a shopping spree.


Throughout the season, we’ve been shown Becky Blackbell to be quite mature for her age however, this episode dives deeper into her character and why that is.


It seems Becky is the daughter of a very prestigious family and was raised to appreciate only the best of things. But it’s due to this that she’s been unable to make friends let alone connect with others on a personal level.


Anya, on the other hand, doesn’t care about material things and is an anomaly to Becky Blackbell who’s always thought that people are one-sided until she met Anya Forger who not only befriended her but gives her a different perspective on things.


At the end of the day, Mission 24 concludes with Anya presenting Becky with a gift that presents their friendship, whether it’s expensive or not doesn’t matter, what’s important is the meaning behind the gesture.


Spy x Family may not be for everyone but it certainly has fans across the entire world who love it for its genuine connections, different perspectives, and incredible animation.


With only one more episode upon us for the season finale, I can’t wait to see how studios CloverWorks and Wit Studio close the curtains on this beautiful first season.


Hope you enjoyed the review and would love to see more. Let me know in the comments section below what you’d like me to review next, I’m all ears.


And thank you for reading another review from, LSR.


Happy Festive Season!!!Mission 24
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