Lately, I’ve heard a lot about the world or for a better word “life” being a simulation and this film addresses another aspect of that in a way. The title of the film says it all, if you haven’t seen it yet then I recommend taking the title to heart, I found myself questioning my humanity throughout this film. What makes us human, it’s funny how all the things we create are programmed to be respectful and kind yet that element in humans is blurred.


Claire (Alice Eve) uses a look-alike version of Amazon’s products Alexa as her spiritual coach, without it Claire felt uneasy and restless as “God” is her everything to her. This reminded me so much of people nowadays, where without their phones it feels like the world is at a complete standstill.


Or how about we address Charlie played by (Rupert Everett) who is an elderly android becoming coming more human with each passing day but his manufacturers don’t take lightly when he starts behaving out of his programming and decide to scrap him for the human behavior that he was programmed with.


The warning seems to be made to make anyone watching it question our humanity and the decisions we’ve made so far, in a way it hints at a warning that there is such a thing as going too far and if we don’t move from such desires the things we create will only destroy us.


For instance, the ability to change bodies with someone. Magda (Garance Marillier) just wanted to make a few dollars for her and her mother and the deal was to have her body swapped with an older man who had a fetish for being in a young girl’s body but the cons heavily outweighed the pros, I wasn’t even sure if it was her that was delivered at her mother’s trailer battered and beaten unconscious or the same fetish man as it never appears that the operation was ever reversed.


Yes, the film has no direction or story but it quickly replaces that norm with interesting ideas of the future and these disparate individuals, their struggles, and how some can overcome them while others suffer alone and rely on what they know to keep them from going insane. At the rate that technology is evolving each day, we can only imagine what the world will look like in the next century, will our beliefs still be the same, will our desires to make life a bit more easily turn into an addiction for the future generations?


Even with it being everywhere with no directions I humbly enjoyed the ideas for a sci-fi focused genre. I didn’t even see the time pass by unlike Black Mirror which shares the same concepts more or less but Black Mirror had me falling asleep within ten minutes of the fourth episode lol…


Thanks for reading…
Director - Agata Alexander

"I mean, today, for example, I have spent most of the day talking to people on a computer. And, you know, it's a life that is ultimately isolated."

In the future not so far away,  a selective group of disparate individuals try to comprehend the meaning of life in their own way whilst a deadly asteroid is headed towards the planet Earth.
Thomas Jane
Alice Eve
Alex Pettyfer
Patrick Schwarzenegger
Kylie Bunbury
Rupert Everett

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