Director Michael Bay returns with a fast-paced action thriller starring Yahya Abdul-Mateen IIJake Gyllenhaal, and Eiza Gonzalez.
At first, we are shown two young boys at the beginning of the film, Danny and Will. The two boys meet and proceed to go have fun in some broken car. At first glance, we assume that these boys are friends however not all seems as it is. The boys are brothers, with Will having been adopted by Danny’s father.
We skip decades into the future and see that Will played by (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) has earned plenty of medals for his heroic efforts.
The first thing the film tries to tell you is regarding is the struggle soldiers who fought for their country have to go through when they return from war and have to deal with life on a daily.
The other thing is in regards to EMT Cam played by (Eiza Gonzalez), even though she deals with some of the worst situations to be in the Emergency Help, such as helping a child with a steel pipe in her body, keeping them calm in the most difficult of situations. Cam though doesn’t see it much like that. It’s a job, it has to be done and that’s it. 
This eventually leads to no one wanting to partner with her on the job as it seems as if she doesn’t have a heart and this is properly explained when after helping a girl with a pipe in her gut she casually decides to eat a sandwich right after.
For a moment there I had started thinking I may have been watching a drone commercial, I mean in the beginning, the shoots were awesome but after seeing them in almost every transition the drone shoots became sort of repetitive.
Not only were the shots for transitions between scenes but also during the gun action and speeding cars. The movie is very engaging, once the film begins it keeps your attention from beginning to end.
Though I must say, the cops in this film are something else. Not only are their driving skills pathetic to watch but their behavior is questionable as well. Officer Mark who had his partner shot, just started admitting things to EMT Cam about how he’s responsible for his partner getting shot due to him telling his partner to ask the girl at the bank teller out.
Sorry Sir; how will that help your partner who’s been shot? Officer Mark played by (Cedric Sanders) is by far one of the most overdramatic characters throughout the film, the police officer comes off as trying a little too hard. 
Even though Will and Danny are brothers, the two have different beliefs and values. Whilst Will didn’t initially want to do the robbery, his character of wanting to do the right thing has the best of him.
Danny played by (Jake Gyllenhaal) on the other hand seems like an extremist who’s driven by goal and focus. His character is by far the funniest and most sarcastic, which is fun to watch. The way it resets the tension and brings us back to earth is just perfect.
One of my favorite moments in the film with Danny is when Will almost drove off a dead-end road and Danny sarcastically told Will to drive closer to the sign so that he could see what it read, had me laughing my eyes out.
Danny’s character is even more appreciated when it’s revealed to the police captain that Danny had once attended university and taken the police tactic course for 2 years, what’s amazing about this is that Danny didn’t join the classes to become a cop but to instead understand how police work so that he can have an advantage over them in robbery situations. Incredible when you think about it.
The film comes off as action from the jump but when you think about some of the ideas put into the movie, you understand that a lot of effort and thought has been put into this movie either than shooting your way out.
One of these incredible ideas is when Cam and Will are operating on Officer Zach played by (Jackson White) in the ambulance via a FaceTime call. This is one of those moments your heart is in your hand as every breath feels heavy with anxiety.
By this moment you’re probably asking yourself how they make it out and well, I won’t spoil you on the ending however the finale is very interesting indeed. Leaves you to question your morals and perspective. What surprises me more is that Michael Bay didn’t blow as many things up as I would have expected; lol
A questionable moment in the film relates to the two brothers getting sprayed with a fire extinguisher and in the next scene appear as if they had taken a clean bath; lol…
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Director - Michael Bay

"Don't drink before you see it, because it's about intensity."

Will Sharp asks for money from his brother Danny to pay for his wife’s medical bills however things take a turn when things don’t go as planned for the duo.
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II
Jake Gyllenhaal
Eiza Gonzalez
Jackson White
Cedric Sanders

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