I remember vividly whilst watching “Moonfall” that if there were ever a movie to explore how the earth and our world come to an end that this would undeniably be how. Only to find out that the director of the movie “2012” is the same director that did “Moonfall”.


Moonfall not only explores the resilience of mankind but also explores other elements such as humans being travelers from other galaxies, that our moon is a “Mega Structure” created by unknown beings to perfectly assist humans to live on the earth by creating the perfect environment for humans to repopulate and thrive.


I went all-in into the film without doing any research about its plot, trailer, or even who the cast is however, as soon as I begin seeing all the production companies and association organizations involved in the making of this film, I instantly knew I had hit the JACKPOT. I was in for one hell of a ride and what a ride it was.


Maybe it’s just my wild imagination but I can’t help but love movies that explore the origin of humans, I mean we have this vast world, and yet for some reason, humans are propelled to learn more about its outside “SPACE” rather than Earth itself that we live in. With Seventy percent of the earth covered in water, it’s safe to assume that we have only learned thirty percent of our environment yet we are urged to learn more about our galaxy. 


When it was revealed that the moon is a “Mega Structure” created by aliens, even using the information from the first moon landing I was hooked. Instantly I loved the idea because now I was more interested in seeing how the director would address this situation. With the Moon moving of course and heading to crash into the earth, all the environment changes, with gravity and the water tides. I think this was done to the best of our abilities by the production companies, I mean can you imagine the real effects of such a scenario happening. Though I was a bit confused at the start as I thought “Jocinda Fowler” played by (Halle Berry) and “Brian Harper” played by (Patrick Wilson) were married and that they were spending their honeymoon in space.


Now my question is, “Sonny Harper” played by (Charlie Plummer) said he would look for “Tom Lopez” played by (Michael Pena) after collapsing when he gave his oxygen tank to his daughter but he didn’t even look for him. “Michelle” played by (Kelly Ku) saved him after finding him stuck under a tree and after that completely forgot to search for Tom. Am I the only one who found it awkward? It’s as if after collapsing Tom was forgotten about immediately lol… with no remorse.
The film addresses the threat of “Artificial Intelligence”/ (AI) and how it will heavily impact the world we live in. I mean who am I to say whether this is completely relevant or not. In short, humans have been thriving across the entire world for centuries until one day the system we had in place to make life easier for us ended up growing a conscious and that is what led to humans being hunted down like a disease by this “AI”.
Though the movie’s ending isn’t assuring us that humans have won the war. Yes, we won the one battle but let’s not forget that was only one part of what is a much bigger threat, who’s to say that the Ai didn’t send a message to its other counterparts that once it found the moon to send more after one of its own was destroyed?
We always address what’s in front of us but never the aftermath which I think is the most important thing to consider when making decisions. Then again that’s a discussion for another time. What I did find strange though was that “K.C” and Brian had the time to sleep during those huge waves that seemed to cover all the buildings surrounding them, how easy-going are they to be sleeping in such conditions.
Again I find it unforgivable that “NASA” who knew of this situation was never held responsible. Not once did they mention NASA having failed the people throughout the entire movie, and not once were the executives who knew of this information held responsible or even come out to say anything. In other words, NASA had the right to completely turn one man’s life upside down and yet have the audacity to ask for his help to save the Earth from the very thing he tried to warn us about.
This film invokes a lot of emotion and warns us about the consequences of big organizations keeping life-changing information from the public. The point of life is to always grow and evolve so what happens when that process is taken away from us, are we still human if we never adapt to new things? Are we still human when we become stagnant? 
A thought-provoking film and I loved every minute of it.
Thanks for reading.
Director - Roland Emmerich

I think it takes more time in space, and then inside the moon. That was, for me, quite different.

The world stands on the brink of annihilation when a mysterious force knocks the moon from its orbit and sends it hurtling toward a collision course with Earth. With only weeks before impact, NASA executive Jocinda “Jo” Fowler teams up with a man from her past and a conspiracy theorist for an impossible mission into space to save humanity.
Halle Berry
Patrick Wilson
John Bradley
Eme Ikwuakor
Michael Pena
Charlie Plummer

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