Ladies and Gentlemen, I hate saying negative things about someone else’s work, especially since I was not there and I don’t know the amount of work that was put into the work however this is the first film of the year which I will with a heavy heart criticize to the latter. Simply put, I want my time back.


I don’t believe Director Edward Drake put enough effort into this film as it was horrendously crafted, the cast seems alright, with veterans such as Neal McDonough and Bruce Willis, let this not fool, I felt as if I were at a psychiatrist with no one out, I couldn’t wait to get out the theatre.


We are introduced to a survival game, where there are 6 hunters, hunting one prey, so the odds are already unfair against our dear Thomas Malone. In those moments, you are probably asking yourself what this old man can possibly do to survive them, perhaps he’ll create some traps or be the hunter instead of the hunted, yet still, what we are presented with is a man eavesdropping on people’s conversations and hiding behind trees for over an hour, that’s 2/3 of the film with no action from our protagonist.


Not to mention the references to today’s mainstream open map action game called Apex Legends, the game is so hard to even most gaming veterans wouldn’t make it to predator status, yet this old man survived to the last by walking around, hiding behind trees, and eavesdropping on people’s conversations, I know it’s the second time I illuminate you on these points but unless you see the film, you won’t understand by level disappointment.
Thomas Malone asked one question before the start of the game, “can hunters kill other hunters?” And with that, all six hunters forgot about Malone and started hunting themselves, for reasons that one should mind their own business but they died for it, Billionaires, killing each other things that have nothing to do with them.
Oh, then we have our main antagonist, Samuel Rainsford, the man wanted to cancel his subscription to the apex games due to the prey’s never posing any kind of interest in him, yet he becomes obsessed with Thomas Malone, a prey that’s doing nothing, getting high on berries and talking to himself. Samuel Rainsford sees himself as the pinnacle of predators, the Apex Predator yet when he was alone with only Malone, he called in mongrels, more hunters to assist him yet he claims to be the best, I’ve never seen such a film with contradictory elements from the beginning to finish.


I was left in stitches when I finally decided to sit down and process what I had seen.


Thanks for reading… lol


Director - Edward Drake

"I’m an only child raised by wolves.My career options were Priesthood, Army, or Artist.So I said a prayer and shot my way to a chance at being a filmmaker."

Thomas Malone (Bruce Willis) is serving a life sentence without parole when an opportunity shows itself, however he must first survive being hunted by six formable predators.
Bruce Willis
Neal McDonough
Alexia Fast
Lochlyn Munro
Nels Lennarson
Trevor Gretzky

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