League of Legends: Arcane – Episode 1

Ladies and Gentlemen, back with another banger series, Arcane which focuses on some of League of Legends’ most beloved sister dynamic Jinx and Vi.


The series is split into three different acts, which are released, 3 episodes per week. Its main focus is to give league of legends players and lovers out there the unbelievable backstory of Jinx and Vi, at the same time presenting us with more knowledge of how the world we love so much in the League of Legends, without further ado, let’s begin with Episode 1.


From we are shown images of chaos and death, enforcers of Piltover fighting with the residents of Zaun. Piltover is seen as a beacon for prosperity all around the world but what the world doesn’t want to see is the other side of Piltover, just a few meters away, where the less fortunate live and thrive, called the underground what’s sad about this whole city is that they are the same, they share the same land, they share the same values, just people into different situations.


It’s here on the bridge dividing Piltover and Zaun that we get to meet Vi and Jinx for the first time, Vi is walking with Jinx in her hand where they see Vander knocking out one of the residents of Zaun, recognizing the children, Vander shows them what has become of their parents and this prompts Vander to adopt the children rather than being eaten alive by the streets.
Years later, Vi and Jinx have grown up a little and they aren’t alone, Vander has taken them in and two other boys, Mylo and Claggor. The four are shown in Piltover for a score at one particular man’s residential apartment. We will learn later who that male figure is. So as they are stealing whatever they can find, Jinx finds a box filled with blue gems stones and hides them in her carry bag, as all things seem easy and their bag in full, the young man returns home to find his doors locked, the four decide to hightail out of there quicker than Max Verstappen at the F1 Grand Prix, unfortunately, one of the stones is unstable and once it cracked open causes such a massive explosion that nearly took down the entire building.
As the four escape to Zaun, they are intercepted by a group of young men looking to steal what they have in the bag. This quickly escalates into a full-out brawl with everyone trying to protect their stolen goods and Jinx as she’s still young and hasn’t learned how to fight yet. One of the men sees Jinx alone and runs after her, Jinx separated from the others and not willing to give up the goods to anyone else throws everyone into the water before heading home to “The Last Drop”.


As the four walks into The Last Drop, Vander, their adopted Father sees them and decides to follow them in their room, it’s there that he asks what they have been up and if they have anything to do with the mayhem at Piltover. Vi tells him the truth that they are just trying to make a name for themselves, it’s what she’s been taught but Vander also explains that since she’s the oldest of the four, the others look up to her and any decision she makes will also effect them, she needs to think more before jumping in.


She also fills Vander on the fact that they were being tracked by someone who sent a few henchmen after them, Vander being the leader of all of Zaun sees takes this information not kindly as that means someone in Zaun is challenging their peace with Piltover. he asks Vi where she received the information about the place, to which she says the small man told her. We later see Vander and Claggor leave, head to Benzo’s Bar. It’s there that we learn that the small guy is none other than Ekko.


As Vi and Mylo are left together, we get a brief moment between the two where Mylo blames Jinx for their shortcomings, he insists that she is a “Jinx” and that whenever she is included in something, it will also go wrong if she’s around. Vi doesn’t agree with that opinion and tries to protect her young sister again, sadly enough, Jinx had been listening in on their conversation and this upsets her even more for throwing away the bag full of goods they had stolen.


Vander and Benzo decide to have a little chat regarding who might be behind all this when two enforcers enter the building Grayson and Marcus, Grayson is the Sheriff of all enforcers and Marcus is more an underling with an attitude problem, without them knowing, Ekko is eavesdropping and hears Grayson tell Vander that they had a deal, in which Vander controls and underground, causing no problems and she will make sure they don’t get violated by the people of Piltover who want to get rid of them whatever it costs.


We return to Vi coming over to check on her sister, Jinx clearly can’t keep it in her and lets her know that she heard what Mylo said, Vi, asks Jinx to follow her as she wants to show her something. The two are outside talking about all the things that have made anyone sad and Vi explains to her that everyone has a bad day so she shouldn’t stay upset about the little things. Jinx remembers that she took a few blue gemstones and shows one of them to Vi, neither of them knows what they are or what to do with them, so they decide to keep this a secret between the two of them and quickly make up.


We then finally meet the man behind everything, Silco, who is made at the young men he sent after Vi, reinstating that he told them to follow her, not attack her and now everyone is asking about him, meaning his identity is only moments away from being revealed but before that, we see that he and Singed are working together on a portion that could change everything.


I’ve played League of Legends a few times and have known about the brand since the year 2011, I have become a huge fan throughout the years, so this is something I have been looking forward to since the announcement of them working with Netflix. The animated series has only lit a brighter fire for the company and I hope to see more adapted series for other champions in their roster.


Thank you for reading…

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