Catwoman: Hunted

Selin Kyle’s (Catwoman) attempt to steal a priceless jewel puts her in trouble with a very powerful consortium of villains (Leviathan), Interpol, and Batwoman.


Catwoman strikes again, this time sinking her pawns into the wrong crowd but all doesn’t go as planned when she is confronted and stopped by Batwoman. Selina Kyle has infiltrated the cosplay party of Barbara Minerva through the help of Black Mask. who at the time doesn’t realize that the lady of classics is the real Catwoman.


Black Mask has arranged with Barbara Minerva to include him into her organization the Leviathan however there is a price to pay to become a member, a very hefty price as a matter of a fact. A priceless jewel is offered to Barbara by Black Mask and put away in her safe. Little do they know that the cat has already infiltrated and has her eyes on that jewel.


As Selina grabs the jewel (Cat’s Eye), a Batarang surprises her and rings the alarm causing Catwoman to make a run for it but not before crossing eyes with Barbara Minerva who seems a bit startled by the appearance of Catwoman in her home and causing a chaotic mess.


Tobias Whale who works directly for Barbara Minerva as her bodyguard instructs their men to chase after Selina so too does Black Mask and his men. If there’s anything you can give credit to DC Comics and their animation is that you can always expect to have some good laughs in them, especially with Black Mask.


The man is one of those antagonists that knows and understands his limits, why would he have to ever get in the middle of a crossfire when he can just order his men to do whatever he wants. His down earth and relatable in so many ways it’s hard not to love the guy lol… A gentleman towards women and a psychopath to all men.


As Catwomen makes her break for it an unknown person on a bike, wearing a cape appears in front of her causing her to overturn and crash her car. That person is none other than Batwoman, who is also responsible for triggering the alarm at Minerva’s estate revealing Selina’s plan. Selina goes unconscious after the crash leaving the Cat’s Eye Emerald for Tobias to collect and return to Barbara but this puts Catwoman on Leviathan’s most wanted list.


Selina Kyle wakes up on “The Penguin’s” confiscated plane, hovering over her is Batwoman and two Interpol Agents Julia Pennyworth and King Faraday. The sarcasm in this film is so full of humor from Selina herself it’s god-tier, her constant cat references are right on the mark though I’m sure some people like Batwoman will be irritated to the brink of frustration.


It seems Selina has made it on the radar of many countries that have a warrant for her arrest, however, the reason for her unusual behavior has not gone unnoticed, Selina had been stealing more often than normal and this was caught by Batwoman who asks her for her reason to which she promptly averts away from answering.


So together with Interpol and Batwoman, Selina will assist in the arrest of all the main members of Leviathan by serving as a decoy. If she chooses not to assist she will be taken immediately to jail and Selina being Selina can not see herself behind bars, so she agrees. On the other hand, Barbara Minerva has made a few calls to a certain someone for assistance against Catwoman.


The Leviathan main members all arrive in Shanghai for introductions for the newest member Black Mask. The members are Mr. YakuzaDoctor TzinLa DamaBoss Moxie, and of course Barbara Minerva, each member is in charge of a different region so as not to cause any conflict between members, though Black Mask and Boss Moxie have a little history. Even so for the best of the organization, they decide to put their pride to the side and agree to work together.


As the members of Leviathan members are getting comfortable and acquainted Catwoman lands on the building but is shorty intercepted by two assassins from the “League of Assassins“, Cheshire and Nosferata, who have been requested to eliminate Selina Kyle under the orders of Barbara. This is one of my favorite scenes of the entire film as you had Nosferata, literally a bat-woman with wings and fangs against Batwoman herself, and Cheshire an assassin wearing a cat mask duel against Catwoman. But as always the good counterpart wins by dropping Cheshire from the top of the building into the marble floor, she survives and lives as you know cats have nine lives lol, Nosferata is used as a landing softener by both Batwoman and Catwoman who both can’t fly lol…


With the appearance of both Batwoman and Catwoman in front of the members of Leviathan the showdown is underway. LA Dama and Doctor Tzin summon beasts from other worlds to fight the duo in black while Boss Moxie transforms and Mr. Yakuza sends his men to deal with Catwoman. The ladies of the night make quick work of all the members of Leviathan with the help of Interpol Agents Julia and King however Barbara escaped, being the only member left.


This though does not stop the Boss lady Minerva from sending more assassins to eliminate Selina, this ends up becoming a contest between Batwoman and Catwoman on whom can take out the most assassins. In the end, it’s a draw even Solomon Grundy is taken out with ease and Minerva finally decides to take matters into her own hands.


Barbara Minerva reveals herself to be Cheetah, a bigger, faster, and stronger cat than Selina Kyle. And the conflict between the two is also revealed, Selina holds a grudge against Barbara as it’s revealed that Minerva is trafficking young girls and if anyone knows Selina, it’s that she doesn’t tolerate anyone taking advantage of young girls. However, to Barbara, it’s nothing but business. The two clashes till one can no longer stand again, it’s unconfirmed whether Barbara still lives after her defeat but I wouldn’t think so. Her defeat was a bit brutal.


And as always Catwoman escapes the law with her prized Jewel without anyone ever noticing lol… The film itself is beautifully paced, the chemistry between Catwoman and Batwoman is fun to watch, as Batman has his sidekick in Robin, Batwoman and Selina would make a wonderful team however I can’t promise there won’t be more between the two.


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Director - Shinsuke Terasawa

"Hold on to that one, lover, I might just steal him away,"

Selin Kyle’s (Catwoman) attempt to steal a priceless jewel puts her in trouble with a very powerful consortium of villains (Leviathan), Interpol and Batwoman.
Stephanie Beatriz
Jonathan Banks
Keith David
Kirby Howell-Baptiste
Kelly Hu
Lauren Cohan

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