See: Season 2

“See” kicks off immediately from where we left off in Season 1 with Paris, Kofun, and Baba Voss in search of Haniwa who has been given to the Travantes by her biological father Jerlamarel.


Baba Voss has to face his past once again when he needs to return to his homeland of Travantes where the commanding general of their entire army is non-other than his brother Edo Voss, who has a troublesome relationship with Baba Voss for murdering their father and running away.


Haniwa on the other hand discovers that the right-hand lieutenant of Edo Voss is also sighted just like her and finds it interesting that there are others in the world just like them. Haniwa and Wren slowly start to form a bond that turns romantic quite fast and who can blame them.


Wren had mastered how to act like the blind even with sight and kept this secret with her ever since, not even Edo Voss knew of this as the sighted are burnt to a crisp and labeled witch for being born with sight. The current world blames the sighted for the world becoming what it has become today but is that reason enough to blame the sighted of today for the crimes the sighted committed centuries ago?


Jerlamarel struggles to cope with the loss of his sight, forcefully advising his son and doctor to find another means to restore his sight to him with the knowledge of the medical books. This shows us the true nature of Jerlamarel not so much a saint but a self-serving man, drunk on the power of sight and thinking he could rule and build a new world for the sighted.


Queen Kane can practically lie out of anything at this point and is willing to sacrifice anyone and anything to keep herself alive. When rumors about the capital never being attacked emerge she is willing to let her younger sister Maghra marry Lord Harlan to secure her safety even though she is already married to Baba Voss.


This season presented a lot of character development for most of the main cast such as Kofun, Haniwa, Maghra, and Paris. We find out that Paris had once been a part of a group called the Compass who were to protect the sighted children if ever they were to come, fortunately for her she met and raised a young boy who had an abnormal thirst for knowledge, it would later come to be known that Jerlamarel was that young boy.


Haniwa is taken to an old apartment building where Wren shows her some of the things humans could do and had back when sight still existed. It is there that Haniwa sees the world with a different perspective and starts to comprehend the loss of sight of the world. On their way back Haniwa finds out that Jerlamarel had given another son of his to the Travantes and that son is now part of the army even at such a young age.


Kofun finds it hard to kill let alone hurt others, this is constantly shown to us as even though the twins are now at the age where they should be able to survive on their own, Kofun is always being protected by others. When it’s revealed that their mother is not only alive but is also the princess of the Payan Empire Kofun is entrusted to Toad by Paris and taken back to Maghra.


If you think being blind is a painful punishment enough to live in this world then you gravely mistaken, Baba Voss has lost more than anyone in this series and all in the name of protecting his family. From his father to his fellow slave companions to his brother Edo Voss.


As he invades Travantia to rescue Haniwa he is deceived and betrayed then captured by Edo Voss who tortured his older brother for murdering their father, what’s strange is that Edo not even once asks him as to why he did it. I mean wouldn’t that be the first question you ask for murdering your father.


Edo Voss not only takes pleasure in torturing his brother but also decides to turn Haniwa into a breeding slave so that she can give birth to many sighted children and once she can no longer have children will dispose of her. This doesn’t sit well with Wren and she, in turn, betrays her general by releasing not only Baba Voss but Tamacti Jun as well.


Yes, you heard me right Tamacti Jun is still alive and was captured by the Travantes after being left to die by Queen Kane. At first, Baba wants to kill Tamacti Jun for all the pain and problems he gave them but admits that if they have any chance of leaving this place, Tamacti Jun will be needed. Together with Wren, they rescue Haniwa before being raped, Baba and Edo face-off after years but sadly the match is interrupted leaving Edo is only minor injuries.


Another thing I noticed, is Queen Kane must have a super womb or something, I mean I’ve never heard of anyone who becomes pregnant as fast as her. Wow, as soon as Kofun returned to his mother Maghra, the Queen took quick measures to seduce and sink her teeth into her nephew and impregnate her.


You’ve got to give credit to Sylvia Hoeks for her amazing acting skills, from her way of articulating words to her mastermind’s nefarious schemes. There is no better way to describe a narcissist than Queen Kane. She even believes her lies to be true and will go to any measures to make it so.


War is inevitable between the Payan Empire and the Travantes because of Queen Kane’s lies and betrayal of peace. I don’t know how such a mentally unstable person could still be on the throne for so long really. Even with all the warnings of the Travantes Army outnumbering them by many Queen Kane is intent on waging a war.


It is this war at Greenhill Gap that the two armies finally clash with the Travantes outnumbering the Payan Army but thanks to the smarts and wits of each hidden tribe of the Payan Army they can win the war against the Travantes. However, one fight needs its conclusion, Baba and Edo Voss face-off once again, this time only one can obtain victory.


Baba Voss reveals the truth to Edo for his reason for murdering their father before Edo dies in his brother’s arms. The next morning Baba is seen saying his last goodbyes to his family before leaving. Baba Voss is mentally and physically exhausted at this point, whether his a warrior or a leader, he is only human.


The visuals of season two are truly remarkable, I can’t help but be flabbergast at some of the scenes however story-wise it felt lacking to season 1 that brought in so many new ideas and concepts of living with blindness. Season 2 seems more like a battle royal for gruesome killing scenes that are way over-the-top.


Will I watch season 3, I’m not so sure right now. I’ll need to see the trailer of season 3 first before making my decision however I stay true that season 2 isn’t as fascinating as the first was.


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