Now here’s a film that has some infectiously cute animals, hilarious humor, and a wicked poodle with a grudge to settle.
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all nations and borders. Today I introduce to you a film that was released in 2021 however kept it’s rib-tickling gags to itself for obvious reason as it’s “Extinct” lol…
Directors David Silverman and Raymond S. Persi together with productions China Lion Entertainment Production, Cinesite Animation, and HB Wink Animation did an alluring job on the quality of animation and wasted no time in forming a bond between the audience and the primary focus of the film, “Ed” and “Op”.
The film starts on a remote Island during Charles Darwin‘s voyage in 1835, the Island is home to adorable doughnut-looking animals known as “Flummels”. They’re incredibly social animals, loving flowers like I love my food. All day, every day even on a Sunday.
Right off the bat, we are introduced to Ed and Op, siblings Flummels that are ostracized by the rest of the other Flummels for being weird and always causing the rest of the other Flummels problems. While Ed wants to be accepted by the others, Op is carefree and energetic, she could hardly care what others say about her or her brother and tries to cheer him up however she can.
The problems occur whenever she tries to put a smile on her brother’s face, most of her ideas result in causing more problems than they can fix. Which the rest of the other Flummels have also noticed. On the day of the flower festival which is a day that all the Flummels look forward to having fun and party, the leader of the Flummels “Jepson” punishes Ed and Op by sending them to the desolation rock and not allowing them to join.
Op feels responsible for this and once again tries to make it up to Ed by coming up with another crazy idea, nothing can keep Op down, however, her plan fails as they are pulled into a flower and appear in a mysterious room. It’s revealed that they are in a home but have no idea what’s going on so they search for someone or something to help them comprehend where they are.
That’s when they see a cute little poodle sleeping in his bed and decide to walk it up, the poodle barks at them the moment it opens its eyes, and the two siblings high tail it out the home and into the streets.
Moments later as things seem to get worse the same poodle appears and introduces himself as Clarance, he shows Ed and Op what has happened with their species being extinct and reveals that they have jumped in time through the time plant more than a hundred years into the future.
At first, it does seem strange that Clarance is so helpful and knows so much about their species however it’s perfectly explained later in the story so keep that in mind. The constant funny gags in this film will make even the angriest person sober up and laugh, it’s so hard containing my laughs when these cute furry doughnuts are running about lol…
Clarance returns the two siblings to the home of his owner, Dr. Chung who has discovered that the plants that allow you to jump into the future can be controlled with certain seeds and one can not only go into the future but back in the past as well. Once again, Op thinks of a plan that ends up sending Clarance into the past and can’t figure out which seed it was.
During this incident, we are introduced to 4 more extinct animals that Dr. Chung has managed to save, Dottie the Dodo Bird, and certainly the smartest one among the bunch of “Extinctables”, we also have Burnie a Tasmanian Tiger and magician by fault. Alma the Macrauchenia and Hoss the Triceratops.
They decide to work together in finding Clarance but not before making it clear that they would rather stay in the time capsule room rather than go outside because of the fear of something bad happening and causing them to go extinct. However, as they continue to see how brave Ed and Op are it causes them to ask themselves whether they want to see the world with their own eyes and if they shouldn’t be doing more.
Before they can conclude this answer, Op asks Hoss to help her rescue Clarance from a bunch of Huskies without Ed’s knowledge and things take a bad turn when Hoss is injured during this rescue mission which causes Ed to finally blow his silence.
He blames Op for all his misfortunes with the other Flummels, stating that his life would be better without her and that she never considers other people’s feelings with her plans, hurting Op’s feeling yet she still looks up and makes the choice to save the rest of the Flummels even if she must do it on her own.
As she returns to the past to warn the other Flummels, Clarance shows himself and reveals the plot twist of the century. It was Clarance who destroyed the Flummels homeland by sending a bomb that would activate the volcano to scorch the entire island.
It seems that Clarance had a deep grudge against the Flummels and their adorable cuteness for stealing his master’s heart, so to prevent that from happening ever again, had gone to the past to destroy them but unfortunately for him, Ed and Op had already left the Island.
This caused him to make adjustments to his plans but before he could accomplish his Flummels-Free-Zone, the four Extinctables had gathered enough courage to leave their home and safety to help the Flummels survive.
The whole film explores one’s identity, what one is willing to give for their species survival, and that you must take the blessings you already have for granted as Ed had. For if he had no sibling, Ed would be alone and have no one to share his up and down moments with. His focus was on solely fitting in with the rest of society that he didn’t appreciate the one person who was there for him.
But by far the best of this film is the humor and out-of-this-world ball of energy of Op. A beautiful character inside and out and I enjoyed seeing her every scene. Reminds me of my younger sibling whom I love more than anything else in this world and I thank this film for reminding me of what’s most important to me in this, it’s not the followers, it’s not the money but the people I have in my life.
Hope you enjoyed the review.
Thanks for reading…
Director - David Silverman & Raymond S. Persi

"Originally we were going to destroy the island and they were going to go on to a different island and that's how the happy ending would be."

A mysterious portal sends a pair of flummels into the future who discover that their species is extinct.
Rachel Bloom
Adam DeVine
Ken Jeong
Zazie Beetz
Richard Kind
Catherine O’Hara

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