Marry Me

Pop superstar Kat Valdez is about to get married before an audience of her loyal fans. However, seconds before the ceremony, she learns about her fiancé’s cheating ways and has a meltdown on stage.
As she gazes out to the audience, professing her dreams and reality of love, her eyes lockdown upon Charlie Gilbert. The Mathematician teacher only showed up to Kat Valdez’s concert because of the need of wanting to bond and get closer with his daughter Lou.
If there’s anything I love about Jennifer Lopez, it must be her heart. Jennifer Lopez is always pushing the notion of never giving up and pushing forward, whether it be in films or documentaries. Jennifer Lopez is who she is and she’s not afraid of telling you over and over again that she’s of proudly Puerto Rican descent and that when it comes to love she’ll try each, and every avenue to get to what she wants to be.
Back to the film, even though she stands there with a stranger in front of her most loyal fans she decides to ahead and wed Charlie who seems to go along with her play whether it’s an act, or taking a leap of faith what comes after this one moment will forever change their lives for better or worse.
Collin Calloway, Kat’s manager tries to console Kat when she breaks down that evening when she feels that she may have let everybody down but Collin assures her that this isn’t her fault at all and that she didn’t disappoint anyone.
The next morning the media and news companies are all out in a blaze making fun of Kat’s decision to marry a stranger and while everyone would agree that this was a stupid thing to do, the most important element of this relates to who Jennifer Lopez is as a person, she’s willing to try different things, regardless of what person might say. She defies the laws and society’s status quo.
She takes a chance with Charlie by appearing at interviews and press conferences together and the first press conference is what solidified their chemistry with each other by the answers they both gave and how they each defended one another with the hard questions from the journalists.
While Charlie tries to cope with the sudden burst of paparazzi at his home, colleague Parker Debbs instantly becomes his bodyguard while trying to push her Instagram followers which is hilarious to watch, her out of the blue change was so drastic and without notice but deep down she cared a lot about Charlie’s feeling getting hurt.
Even though their officially Husband and Wife, they stay in separate homes and live different lives. They agreed to make this work for six months but what seemed to be a side project developed into a real relationship through simple conversations and spending time together.
Kat Valdez, a superstar who has millions of fans over the whole world and is constantly in the presence of others was also very lonely in ways no one would expect and her conversations with Charlie started to become more frequent to the point it seemed like they had known each other forever.
Charlie Gilbert a single father, thought nothing of himself but saw his daughter Lou as everything. An introvert at heart thought dating a superstar as Kat Valdez would be out of his league and in many ways it was, as long as he had the mindset. But upon opening his heart to her he started enjoying her company a lot, so much so that he wanted her to himself. “No cameras allowed.”


This film portrays the beauty of how people can come from two completely different worlds yet be meant for each other, love can transcend color and social status. As long as the individuals involved don’t forget what they love about the other, love will always win in the end.
One of my favorite parts of the film has to be in the end when Kat arrives at the Math Competition and does the same thing Charlie did at the beginning of the film. Holding up a sign with the words “Marry Me” on them and another sign with the words “Again” stating that this time, she wants the world to know it’s for real and no publicity stunt.
This is also a reminder to the couples out there to keep doing the same things they did to get your partner, it’s usually those small things that you did at the beginning that separate the good relationships from the great.


Let’s not forget that since Kat Valdez is a superstar singer means we will be hearing a lot of music throughout the film and boy oh boy were the songs AMAZING!! By far my favorite is the name of the movie, “Marry Me” ballad version, that scene, visuals, and the intensity felt as though I was right there at the awards ceremony. Same with “On My Way“, the acoustic style just amplifies the words so much more.


Jennifer Lopez keeps getting better with age, My God. How does she keep doing it? Every time she’d appear on screen I’d want her to stay there, her eyes are so captivating, when she smiles you want to smile with her. The cast was also spectacular, Owen Wilson is humble as ever, though am I the only one who notices that sometimes it seems like his whispering? lol… Wonderful chemistry.


The rom-com genre may be on the down-low but it’s still a gem to see. Loved every moment of this film, a beautiful story told from the eyes of a superstar and a math teacher.
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Director - Kat Coiro

"There is something about the rom-com genre that people are always trying to reinvent. They’re afraid of the clichés and afraid of well-worn territory. I went into it embracing, 100%."

Pop superstar Kat Valdez is about to get married before an audience of her loyal fans. However, seconds before the ceremony, she learns about her fiancé’s cheating ways and has a meltdown on stage.
Jennifer Lopez
Owen Wilson
John Bradley
Chloe Coleman
Sarah Silverman

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