Father of the bride

Father of the Bride

Let’s talk about “Father of the Bride” by director Gary Alazraki and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.


There have been two other versions of this film, the original having been released in 1951 and the second version in 1991.
This film follows Billy Herrera played by Andy Garcia, a self-made businessman who came to the United States of America with nothing but the clothes on his back and built himself and his company out of nothing at all to become one of the most sought out architectural companies in Miami.
He did all of this in the name of love, family, and keeping his culture alive, however, time waits for no one, and reality is about to slap him silly, no pun intended.
Right off the bat, we are shown that Billy is a hard-working man but all that work has blinded him from what’s most important, his family. He takes pride in being called a traditional man but doesn’t realize that times have changed and instead of being a traditional man, his more a shell of a man who’s struggling to adjust to the current generations.
The director of the film, Gary Alazraki makes it clear from the start what the main focus of the film is about and what needs to change for this beautiful family to stay together but the question is, will Billy ever realize this?
Throughout the entire movie, we are shown situations that let us as the audience question whether traditional is better or if keeping up with the times by adjusting our traditions to the current times is not for everyone?
Sofia Herrera played by Adria Arjona is Billy’s first-born daughter, and she takes after her father in so many ways. Their relationship is probably my favorite in the entire movie. She’s stubborn as her father yet gentle and sweet under all those layers. Adria Arjona played her role beautifully, I’d love to see more of her in complex roles in the future.
Billy’s second daughter Cora played by Isabela Merced feels left out in some ways. Even though she has her father’s skills in drawing and wants to be a designer, Billy doesn’t see or acknowledge this at first which makes her want to prove him wrong and thanks to her sister, she is given the opportunity.
I’ve never been to the United States of America however after what I can describe as some of the most majestic shoots of Miami between transitions in the film at night and during the day, had me thinking that I need to get my passport in order.
The three characters that brought the most life to this film have to be Natalie Vance played by Chloe Fineman, Hernan Castillo by Pedro Damian, and Junior by Enrique Murciano.
Natalie simply because this lady is a hustler, there’s nothing she isn’t and there’s nothing she can’t do for a check. Hernan Castillo and Junior were out there hilarious in every scene, you’d want to join them.
The message I take from the film is that breaking tradition isn’t always a bad thing and if there is more than one tradition why not merge them, and bring them together in that way, not only does your tradition stay alive but it moves forward with everyone, with every generation.
It’s pretty clear why Ingrid wanted a divorce from Billy and the line she uses about them acting, as usual, is when they go to an event together but he ignores her the whole evening, I’m certain the audience felt that. It describes the intimacy that is lacking in the relationship and this is what Ingrid wants, to be seen and loved.
Even though it almost cost us a wedding, I love that Billy was able to see his mistakes and want to do better for himself and his family. The speech was beautiful, he finally got to dance with his wife Ingrid and even break tradition himself by allowing the wife to walk down the aisle with their daughter in hand.
When Hernan asked him where did he go wrong with his son Adan and Billy answered “I can’t think of a place” this moment almost brought me to tears.
There’s nothing wrong with being different and there’s nothing wrong about not loving the same things as others do. Yes, it’s hard being different but loving yourself and appreciating those who do decide to be stuck around you, I think that’s what matters.
An incredible cast with a blend of the Mexican and Cuban cultures coming at a head. Enjoyable music throughout with great cinematography and humor.
Father of the Bride is truly a spectacular film of an everlasting genre, romantic comedy, and I enjoyed every bit. The feelings of nostalgia came rushing like it was the year two thousand again.
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Gary Alazraki

"When I started to meet Andy it became evident that he is a man with a lot of gravitas, who really loves and honors tradition in many different aspects,"

Andy García
Gloria Estefan
Adria Arjona
Isabela Merced
Diego Boneta
Chloe Fineman
A father must come to grips with his daughter’s upcoming wedding and handle multiple relationships within his sprawling Cuban American family.
1h 57m
Warner Bros. Pictures

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