Dark: Season 3

Program Creators Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese’s third season of Dark is the perfect portrayal of a tragic story with no actual happy ending for the people of Winden.
Season three of Dark has been a journey and a half with all the years we traveled back and forth from and all the revelations that connect the series to its first and second seasons.
The first episode of season three is no doubt slow, so slow I passed out and had the best sleep in years lol… 
We pick up from right where we left off, with Jonas and the alternative Martha from a different world escaping the apocalypse and traveling to a different time.
We also meet three peculiar figures, a boy, a man, and an older man with the same scar mark on their top lip, it’s clear that these figures are one of the same, yet we don’t know who they are but as the story progresses it becomes clear.
The incest in this series blows my mind and it is because of this one reason I would avoid time traveling at all costs. So many of the characters are related in some way, shape, or form yet they are completely oblivious to the fact, that it’s CRAZY.
I knew Noah and Bartosz had some kind of connection but never did I think that Noah is the son of Bartosz, meaning Anges is his daughter as hence Noah and Anges are siblings. Now the question is who is their mother, lore, and behold, it’s Silja.
Who is Silja, she is the creation between Hannah Kahnwald and Egon Tiedemann, making her Jonas’s sister meaning Jonas and Bartosz are cousins, yet Jonas’s son with alternative Martha “The Unknown” married Anges making Tronte.
All it takes is one glimpse of that family tree in Eva’s room to understand where everything begins and ends, and that’s one messed family tree mind you.
One of the hardest truths to endure during this show was the constant killings of family. For example, Claudia killing her father Egon was certainly unexpected, Tronte killing Regina, Helene killing Katharina, and finally, Adam killing Hannah. All for the sake of moving pawns into the correct positions.
The manipulation in this series is God tier, where the elder-self of oneself is manipulating their younger selves to do things they want to achieve for themselves and I think this fits perfectly with the quote mentioned in the series “A man can do what he wills, but he cannot will, what he wills”.
At first, the idea of a parallel world seems to ruin the concept of the show but as it goes deeper into the rabbit hole, I found that it had more sense. The reason why Adam and Eva eventually hate one another is that they discover that they can’t save both worlds, it’s impossible.
So Adam chooses to destroy everything while Eva chooses to let everything repeat over and over again but both are wrong because neither could comprehend that there is a third world, the original world that created both their worlds.
So in essence, there is a god that created their worlds but just not in the way most people would understand. H.G Tannhaus in the original world, due to the deaths of his son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter created a machine in hopes to bring them back from the dead but in truth, his machine created alternative worlds with Jonas and Martha being the glitches in both parallel worlds.
This is undoubtedly the best series I’ve seen that deals with time travel. You are constantly making decisions and scrutinizing everyone’s choices and words because you just don’t know who to believe and yet you want answers.
It’s hard to even trust Claudia at the end because you trusted Adam and got burnt. You trusted Eva and got super burned, now you left with Claudia, and every fiber in my being is telling me not to, only to find that she’s the one with the answer. Astonishing truly.
How the writers and program creators were able to finish this series in three years is beyond me. 
I loved the final scene a lot, no Nielsen around the table speaks for itself, Hannah is happy with Woller, Katharina is single, Peter found love with Benni and that’s enough: though is it?
Let me know what some of your favorite moments were down in the comments section below.
Thanks for reading…Tannhaus

Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese

"We worked on a database where every scene is broken down under certain circumstances. You can search, for example, for a character, and then you see the character arc, or you can search for a timeline and then you can see everything that's happening in that timeline."

Louis Hofmann
Andreas Pietschmann
Carlotta von Falkenhayn
Karoline Eichhorn
Lisa Vicari
Gina Stiebitz
Moritz Jahn
Baran bo Odar 
Jantje Friese
Ronny Schalk
Marc O. Seng
Martin Behnke

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