Kingdom Season 3 Episode 26(Finale)

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 26 – Another Path. Focuses the majority of its time on the duel between Qiang Lei and You Lian who both believe what they’re fighting for is just and right.


You Lian character is more complex than we are initially told from Qiang Lei’s perspective. We find out from You Lai that during the “Shiyuu’s Ritual” she not only killed Qiang Lei’s sister but kept on fighting her opponents till there was only one left for her decisive win and that person was her little sister, sending You Lian into darkness one could never come back from.

As the fight goes on Qiang Lei is blinded in rage due to her not being able to do any damage to You Lain whatsoever, falling deeper and deeper into their clan’s secret dance even though the risk of doing so sends one spirit into a realm called the “yin”. Once in this realm people go into a coma and may never wake up again.


Qiang Lei remembers her sister had once attempted this ability before the ritual, there a village elder told her that Qiang Xiang is trying to defeat her, her own younger sister in her way. Hours had gone by and Qiang Xiang finally opened her eyes again. She explained to her sister next to her that whilst she was in the yin realm, she could neither feel anything nor her hear anything, darkness was all she could see until a white little light appeared in front of her and she followed that light, only to find her sister, Qiang Lei.

It is at that moment with Qiang Lei’s rage and feeling powerless against You Lian that Lei finally remembered that she can not die here and that no matter how deep she falls into the yin realm, her home, her friends are still waiting for her.


This is a heartfelt moment as for as long as we’ve known Qiang Lei, we had never seen her cry and broken down like this ever, her character development and trust in her comrades has shown how much she’s grown from her days of always wanting revenge. With that Qiang Lei standing up one last time, gathering all her strength and determination, whether her body breaks or not, her resolve is unwavering. 

Displaying amazing speed and skill at the cost of one’s body Qiang Lei delivers the final blow into the chest of You Lian. Perplexed at how she was overpowered by a person who didn’t partake in the ritual Qiang Lei explains that the secret to their clans dance isn’t to be a monster on your own but to be a monster who still has a heart.


With the death of You Lian, Qiang Lian asks for help from her clans outsider Ming, to hide the dead body of You Lian so that the clan’s people think she failed and that You Lian still seems to be alive. That way, no more rituals can tale place ,no more endless dying needs to be done.

In tears, Qiang Lei thinks about how she had always thought to herself that once she achieved her goal of killing You Lian, she would also die and join her sister. She apologizes to her sister for taking 5 whole years to avenge her but she can’t join her right now as she has a home to return to.


And after all the credits and beautiful song from “Emiko Suzuki KIng” Qiang Lei finally returns to the Ri Shin Unit first thing in the morning, everyone is overjoyed to see her return safe and sound. Ri Shin asks her if she can finally move on with her, she gladly agrees and looks at the flag of her unit, noticing how much bigger they have become, she finally feels home.

What an amazing journey we’ve had this season, from the Coalition Army to Li Mu’s Army, Hou Ken’s first defeat, the Mountain reinforcements, etc, wow it’s been a roller-coaster and I’ve loved every moment of it. Anyone who knows Kingdom season will tell you, it wasn’t all sweet and fresh and I mean it was a hot mess but the studio has made major improvements throughout this season and I can’t wait for the next.
Thank you for reading…