Gerard Butler, Frank Grillo, and Alexis Louder bring us one hell of a film, filled with gun-blazing action, unsuspecting betrayals, and American government conspiracies.
Now I know, that you know if any bad guy or villain for a better word gets himself arrested to outrun his pursuers, well that pretty much says he’s got no one to run to and is looking to take advantage of the law to get himself out.  And that’s pretty much what we got from Copshop.


Teddy is a con artist who works as a fixer to get people in high social positions, with the same ideas to get together and come up with a way of getting what they want, unfortunately for Teddy, he decided to steal money from them and in turn they ordered a hit-man on him, that man being Bob Viddick, a hired hun.


With his arrest, Teddy tries to call his wife and child to get out of the house and run somewhere fast as he is aware that his former clients will try to do something as retaliation for the stolen money but as he is in jail, he is unaware that his wife and child have already been killed.
Bob Viddick who is hired assassin by Teddy’s former clients finds a way to get into the police station as a drunk driver by driving into a couple of police officers during their investigation of a stolen police cruiser that Teddy had used to run from his pursuers. 


To show the extent of power these clients Teddy and Bob work for, they convince one of the police officers on duty (Officer Huber) to steal drugs and help them kill Teddy who is currently in the cells for them. Now if that doesn’t scream serious corruption then I don’t know what else does. But Huber owing them collects the drugs and proceeds assist them by trying to retrieve personal files on Bob Viddick, perhaps in an attempt to delete them.


As time goes by another hit-man arrives at the police station, disguising himself with balloons to hide his face starts shooting the officers one after another as if the officers were blind or something, I couldn’t believe how easy he made it look. Just walk into a police station, in the middle of the night with a few balloons and that’s it, you’ve won lol…
Officer Young who is aware of the second hit-man locks herself with Teddy and Bob to give herself some time but accidentally shoots herself in the process. With the second hit-man known as Anthony working with Officer Huber, they come up with a plan to break down the wall leading to the prisoner cells to get to Teddy.
However Teddy keeps pleading with Young to let him out so that he can stop them before they kill all of them there, Bob warns Young not to trust Teddy but at that moment, who would you rather trust? A hired assassin or a man that just wants to get to his wife and child.
Officer Young decides to let Teddy out and just as warned, does not come back to save Young but rather thinks to himself to leave her in the burning station that he lit himself. But to his surprise, Young also let Bob out on a wimp.


This one decision leading to an interesting conclusion with Teddy trying to kill Young and Bob saving Young instead. 


My thoughts on “CopShop” is that for a film mostly centered around one location isn’t a bad idea but too many details and pieces were missing to give this a 10/10 rating. We never got to know who the clients are, we never got to understand who ordered the hit-man or where the stolen money ever was. Everything is left a mystery up in the air for you to make your own conclusion.


I enjoyed the gun shooting scenes and Alexis Louder for a fresh new face in the movie industry, hope to see more of her in the future.


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Director - Joe Carnahan

“Without detail, I’ll say I gave a much more 3-dimensional take that was very colorful and very well planned out. Needless to say, that’s not what ended up in the film.”

Con-Artist Teddy (Frank Grillo) comes up with plan to hide from a deadly assassin Bob (Gerard Butler). He punches police officer Young (Alexis Louder) to get himself arrested and locked up in a small-town police station which results in the whole place getting turned upside-down.
Gerard Butler
Frank Grillo
Alexis Louder
Toby Huss
Ryan O’Nan