“QueenPins” was directed and written by film couple Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly based on the true events that occurred in 2012, where three, not two women were arrested in Phoenix Arizona with 25 million dollars worth of fake coupons during the raid.


So as you’ve just read, for a film based on true events, there seems to be one more culprit missing. However, this is part of the comedy genre so we can overlook that aspect for now. Imagine selling coupons online and making millions and having the postal services come at you like the FBI. This whole story sounds ridiculous even if you had told me I wouldn’t have believed it myself and that’s what makes this movie great.
Connie Kaminski is a stay-at-home wife married to Rick who happens to work for the IRS who constantly tells her to get a job instead of packing products she bought with coupons and is best friends with Joanna “Jojo” Johnson who is a vlogger on YouTube living with her mother.
One of the strangest things about this film is that Jojo is already having a hard time with her life due to Identity theft by Tempe Tina, she’s been struggling to get a decent job all leading to her making videos online to try to make some revenue yet when she’s hot water herself the one person she runs to is the person who caused all her problems, amazing. Then charges them a 10% fee for her assistance lol…
Then we get Ken Miller, this sad ball of man is your typical worker, no matter the country no matter the industry, never breaks the rules, tries his best to be as professional as he can and what does that get him, FRUSTRATION the size of a baseball. Until one day he meets Simon Kilmurry from the postal service. The two of them bond over some questionable moments but who am I to judge…
What most people may overlook about this film is how the two best friends Connie and Jojo and well Ken Miller got to find their strength back, they found their voices and freedom which even they had long forgotten about. Even at the end and they are caught, I loved that the friend didn’t immediately turn on each other as we see in almost every movie out there, they stayed true to one another and that’s all that matters.
Ladies I recommend this film for you, a lot of silly and enjoyable moments.
Thank you for reading…

Director - Aron Gaudet/Gita Pullapilly

“We came from television news and journalism, and then into documentary and scripted narrative, so we’re drawn to things that are inspired by true stories,”

A pair of best friends (Kristen Bell & Kirby Howell-Baptiste) decide to make an illegal coupon business which ends up costing the state millions.
Kristen Bell
Kirby Howell-Baptiste
Bebe Rexha
Paul Walter Hauser
Vince Vaughn