Director Jordan Peele strikes again with another phenomenal movie, challenging the very way we think and feel about the film industry, animal cruelty, and diversity in – NOPE.
Jordan Peele has quickly become one of my favorite movie directors since he released “Get Out” and “US” which both took the film industry by storm, first in 2017 and 2019.
And in this masterpiece, nothing less but greatness should be expected from this young director.
We follow the events of siblings running a horse ranch after the sudden passing of their father Otis Haywood played by Keith David.
One night whilst looking up at the skies of California, they discover something thought to exist only in books and myths, while the owner of a theme park adjacent to their ranch tries to profit from this mysterious spectacle.
There’s something truly unique about Jordan Peele and his films. At first, glance when you see a genre of horror and thriller, you usually already know the type of antics that the movie will try to play on the audience to build tension and suspense.
However, in Jordan Peele’s films, there are levels to this. I have not seen the trailer for this film before watching it and honestly, I believe that was the best decision for me.
Nope peaked my fear of something lurking in the dark and watching over us with a vengeance.
There were times while watching this movie that I thought to myself, there’s no way we could be alone in the universe, and what if some of the things we see in the skies are simple illusions?
Jordan Peele’s films have so much truth and depth in them that finding one perfect answer for the meaning behind his films is just crazy.
The character of OJ played by Daniel Kaluuya is a reserved young man, calm to the bone brother that seems to be drowning from the responsibilities left upon him by his late father.
While his young sister Emerald Haywood played by Keke Palmer seems to be running away from her responsibilities, more concerned about her own life than others but the realization of having only one another and not backing down reveals their true nature, helping them overcome this tremendous obstacle.
It leaves me at a loss for words when I think about how Jordan Peele can create something so majestic using only a handful of main and supporting characters.
Expect to see some incredible visuals and effects, I must admit, I have not seen night visuals so clear yet so intermediating.
My fear of the dark and unknown has sprung back on me like a demon I once exorcised lol… I don’t know how I’ll sleep tonight but I’ll manage one way or another.
Sound plays a pivotal role as with most horror movies, the pacing is great as well, love it when you never feel like a movie is dragging on with enough suspense and buildup which could pop a balloon with your breath alone lol…
I picked up on a few messages behind this film, firstly, not every animal can be tamed. We learn this from the introduction of the film with Gordy.
Secondly, it’s better when dealing with aggressive animals not to look them in the eyes as this can be seen as a form of dominance.
And thirdly, the crew/staff members behind the making of things, whether it is films, music events, or production in general are just as important and needed as the director’s role.
I’m trying my best not to get into too much detail about the film as I’m sure this would ruin it for some of you.
But overall, Nope is a work of art that should be nominated for its original, genuine acting, and frightful storytelling.
I might sound biased right now but I truly believe Jordan Peele is probably one of the greatest minds’ in directing that I’ve ever seen in the 21st century.
Let me know what you think of Nope in the comments section below, let me know whether you enjoyed, and loved it, did you understand the meaning behind the film, and what would you like to see more of from Jordan Peele.
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Jordan Peele

“This is something I can feel in some of my favorite directors. Paul Thomas Anderson and Quentin Tarantino, to name a couple, I think are people who feel like they are painting a small picture in a world that’s already painted, but also we see the success of this is Marvel and ‘The Lord of the Rings,’ and everything that goes deeper than what you’re being shown.”

One night whilst looking up the skies of California, siblings discover something thought to exist only in books and myths, while the owner of a theme park adjacent from their ranch tries to profit from this mysterious spectacle.
Daniel Kaluuya
Keke Palmer
Steven Yeun
Brandon Perea
Barbie Ferrira
Michael Wincott
Keith David
Terry Notary
Wrenn Schmidt
Donna Mills
2h 15mins
Universal Pictures

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