The Adam Project

Ryan Reynolds and Director Shawn Levy return with their much talked about and anticipated movie “The Adam Project“. Where time-traveling fighter pilot Adam Reed teams up with his 12-year-old self for a mission to save the future. However, things don’t go as planned.
The first thing I would like to mention is young Adam Reeds played by (Walker Scobell). The kid did a phenomenal job at portraying Ryan Reynolds’s quirky personality, one would even say Ryan had finally found his match with this kid. Their chemistry was so natural, it felt as if I were looking at Ryan in his younger days and what a huge headache he must have been lol… But I loved every moment of it.
The Story itself felt rushed though the pacing of the film, in the beginning, was a bit slow-paced extremely so. Whether it was done to form a bond between young Adam and Older Adam or for some otherworldly reason I do not know it us to the director to clarify however there was so much room for more.
The potential this film has is so vast, I feel that more could have been done to introduce the audience to what the future has to offer, but we only got to see a “lightsaber“, cloaking soldiers and no answer to what happens to people that die outside their time. Giving us concepts but no answers to these ideas was a serious letdown for a film so highly banked on.
Though I appreciate the film for adding Zoe Saldana as a part of their cast. Any action movie where Zoe handles a gun is a marvel to see, who knows maybe I have a crush on Zoe Saldana (wink wink), and seeing her hold that assault rifle reminded me so much “Colombiana” the film I believe made her a Star instantly.
The romance between her and older Adam was sweet at first, she came out of nowhere and beat those soldiers as if they were rookies on their first day at work only for the next scene at her cabin for the romance to move so quickly, no time to comprehend their relationship. One moment we’re happy to have them meet again, next moment they’re in a car, next they’re at her cabin then she’s gone.
And can we talk about Christos for a moment, the leader of the soldiers from the future? How can he still have such a burnt face with all the technology the future holds? Could he not afford to get his face repaired, this bothered me so much as I could not understand why I’m watching a movie about the advancement of technology yet I see the same problems we have today still affecting us in the future in addition.
The main antagonist of the film “Maya Sorian” played by (Catherine Keener) is not an interesting individual. At first, we are told that she used Adam’s father “Louis Reed” played by (Mark Ruffalo) to build “The Adam Project” however as we go into the past and meet the younger version of Maya, we are shown that she genuinely believed in the idea that Louis had. She was a hard-working woman who doesn’t need others’ approval, she loved what she did and believed it so. So where did it go wrong?
No reason was given for her sudden change in values, yet her older self is a completely different person from her past self. Another matter I wish we had driven into for story purposes, is don’t just create a villain for the sake of creating a villain. The CGI on her younger version was hard to look at at first, it was so obvious that CGI was at play here. No masking, no make-up lol… That’s unbelievable.
Though I must admit her way of death was very scientific, scientists believe in the process of failure, that the means to fail today is only part of the process, but Maya wouldn’t know that hence she isn’t a scientist which leads to an interesting turn of events, well played by Louis Reed.
Sure the film has its pros and con’s here and there. Does that make it a bad film, “No”. Does it make it a good film, and to that I say, “each their own”? I enjoyed the film, watching 3 generations of the Reed family almost brought me to tears near the end. And the message at the beginning of the film is certainly one I agree with and appreciate.
No matter how bad boys act towards their mothers, boys need their mothers and love them more than we are ever willing to admit. And let us not forget that when one loses their spouse, it’s not only the children that are grieving, the widow is experiencing the same pain however because parents are older they feel as if they aren’t supposed to see that and children can take that in so many ways. Talk about it, let it out, let your children know that you are hurting as well. You can’t always just pretend to move on from things. Sometimes honesty is the best policy.
Hope you enjoyed the review. I enjoyed writing this one.
Thanks for reading…
Director - Shawn Levy

"I think the biggest challenge was to come up with ways of doing time travel and the future that we haven't seen before."

After accidentally crash-landing in 2022, time-traveling fighter pilot Adam Reed teams up with his 12-year-old self for a mission to save the future.
Ryan Reynolds
Walker Scobell
Jennifer Garner
Zoe Saldana
MArk Ruffalo
Catherine Keener

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