One Piece Episode 1028

One Piece Episode 1028 – Surpass the Emperor of the Sea! Luffy Strikes Back with an Iron Fist!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Echiiro Oda and Toei Animation have done it again with the latest episode of One Piece Episode 1028.
One Piece since the beginning of the Wano Arc has been nothing but an absolute visual phenomenon to watch.
It all started with the Raid of Onigashima, then Episode 1015 that blew the One Piece community away when Luffy struck Kaido with a massive Red Roc putting the Strongest creature down on his knees.
And now, after a thousand chapters; One Piece fans are rewarded with what I can say is possibly one of the greatest episodes in One Piece history.
We begin the episode where we left off with Luffy declining Kaido’s offer to joy him and take over the world together, and Luffy stating that he’ll kick Kaido’s behind at any cost.
Quickly we go back to Big Mom who almost drowned to her death because of Kidd and she decides to create a new homie using her soul and the thunderclouds over Onigashima to replace Zeus thanks to Prometheus asking Big Mom for a girlfriend lol…
Right off the bat, Kidd and Killer can tell that whoever this new homie is, has made Big Mom even stronger simply since her first attack alone, FULGORA hit them so hard they woke up inside the castle of Onigashima.
Big Mom is filled with rage and has her eyes set only on Kid for almost making her drown in the sea.
Usopp and Nami are still being chased by Page One, but if we’re being honest, I can’t see any way that these two can outsmart or defeat a monster like Page One especially when you consider his an Ancient Zoan user, with durability and strength far exceeding that of normal devil fruit.
Killer and Kidd finally wake up inside the castle wondering exactly where they were blown off to but they have little time to rest and comprehend what happened as banging sounds can be heard coming from the top.
It’s none other than Big Mom searching for Kid and Kill, however as they try to pull themselves together Hawkins arrives interrupting a moment Killer was having whilst admiring Kid.
Eustass Kid still harbors the betrayal from Hawkins and Appo is determined to get his revenge on both pirates but we get a scene that looks exactly like you’d see from Zoro as Killer tells Kid to leave him instead.
This one moment is very reminiscent of what we’d normally see from Luffy and Zoro so this moment is priceless to see from what you’d expect from a right-man of a man that aims to become pirate captain as well.
Even with Hawkins warning Killer of his preordained death, Killer seems to take after his captain by defying even a prominent fortune teller such as Hawkins to screw off, “we take matters into our own hands”.
At the end of the day, I love that we got to see more moments between Killer and Kid, they are a dynamic duo that gives of a rebellious nature and will do what they must no matter the price.
Now, let’s talk about the last ten minutes of this EPIC episode.
Kaido replies to Luffy, daring him to try and kick his behind with his impulsive punches if he even can but Luffy thinks back to himself and his moments with Hyogoru teaching him about Ryou and concludes to himself that his punches are still shallow.
Luffy also comes to the conclusion that after being struck by Kaido’s last attack Ragnaraku, there has to be some sort of secret that makes his attacks so potent and that secret is revealed to be, the Colors of the Supreme King, also known as Conquerors Haki.
Out of surprise, Kaido looks at Luffy and with a smirk on his face releases his tremendous Haki blast to intimidate Luffy, stating that even if he knows the secret, what can he possibly do about it?
As only the very strong in the world of One Piece can achieve such a feat, coming in hot with the club in hand Kaido launches at Luffy and we get a moment that will forever stay engraved in the One Piece community as it did in Dragon Ball Z when Goku first turned into a Super Saiyan.
Before Kaido can land the finishing blow, we are shown yet again the weight that is on Luffy’s shoulders, the people of Wano and his friends are all at risk if he doesn’t defeat Kaido and it is a moment of crisis that will reveal his true power.
Something similar to a flower peddle is shown infusing itself in Luffy, followed by a scene, where we see numerous flowers starting to blossom and the Conqueror in Luffy appearing in all gold.
At last, Luffy has awakened his Conqueror’s Haki leaving Kaido utterly speechless and confused as to what is happening in front of his very eyes as Luffy blocks Kaido’s club without even coming into contact.
This moment is a feat we’ve only seen four people achieve throughout the entire one thousand episodes and all of them were Yonko’s and the previous Pirate King, Gol D Roger himself.
Immediately after deflecting the attack, Luffy comes in for an attack of his own and during this animation, Luffy is shown running on the ground as if he were floating, it looked effortless and he seemed to be burning like magma when paused at the right moment.
The clash between both conquerors wakes up a helpless Law that had passed out from Kaido’s earlier attack, what he sees in front of him has even the composed pirate captain with nothing to say.
It all finally makes sense, the reason why none of Luffy’s earlier attacks were doing much damage on Kaido is that Luffy had always stored his haki instead of releasing it.
Thanks to the training with Hyogoru and the rules on how to use Ryou, what Luffy had to understand is that you shouldn’t keep the haki within you but find an outlet, let your haki flow, combined with Conqueror’s Haki now this is a recipe for a tremendous disaster for Kaido.
Luffy’s first attack launches Kaido flying so far back, that the man was gasping for air when he came too, but then Luffy comes in with a second attack, an uppercut that hit Kaido so hard, that Yonko had flashbacks of what he had asked Luffy, on what kind of king would he be.?
That uppercut hit so hard, you’d think an atomic bomb landed on Kaido’s lower jaw and his club went flying in the opposite direction lol…
The episode ends with Luffy thanking both Trafalgar Law and his right-hand mate, Zoro for defending him while was down and out and instructs them to go back downstairs and tell everyone that he can beat the yonko Kaido on his own.

Episode 1028

My thoughts on this episode, are incredible, god-tier animation and splendid ost.
Throughout this entire episode, I thought I had a few heart attacks as I couldn’t breathe at one point, I was mentally in a trance and no amount of water could wake me up.
I feel as though that golden appearance of Luffy we saw during the awakening is none other than Joy Boy himself in the spirit or flesh, whichever you believe.
An episode worth the history books that’s for sure. This solidifies the Wano Arc as one of the best arcs ever, definitely in my top 3 Arcs.
I’d like to take this moment to thank everyone that was involved in the making of this episode especially. Thank you Toei Animation and Echiiro Oda for making this possible. One Piece is the GOAT.
Let me know in the comments section below what you found incredible during One Piece Episode 1028.
Thanks for reading…
Author - Echiiro Oda

"When I was a kid, I thought to myself: man I would love to draw a manga with the most hyped final stage!"

A young boy by the name of Monkey D Luffy inspires to become the Pirate King from a very age yet while have to face some serious adversaries along the way.
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