Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc – Episode 1

Demon Slayer’s new Season 2 has finally released its first episode of the Entertainment District Arc and what a treat it was, fans were given 40+ minutes special, consisting of 2 episodes into one. How we would love it if all other episodes were released in the same way.


Though it is the first episode, I will only review Demon Slay again once the season ends. There is a very high expectation for this season with many fans across the world placing this arc as the best in the series, so you bet I’ll try to contain myself till the end lol…


We finally get a chance to see Muzan again and what seems to be Muzan’s true objective, which is the Blue Spider Lily. Muzan can not only transform into a woman but a child as well, no wonder the demon has been able to evade the Demon Slayer Corp for so long.


But with the failure to get a hold of the flowers, Muzan directs all his anger towards Akaza, not even the news of the death of a Hashira can bring a smile to his face. Muzan is shown to be a tyrant through and though, there is no humanity left in him. 


We then return to Zenitsu who has healed up pretty well-stealing food from Aoi, he plans to give Tanjiro and Inosuke some of the food to cheer them up but by the time he returns to the rooms, Tanjiro has left for the Rengoku residence.


With the stab wound from the train still not completely patched up, Tanjiro meets Kyojuro’s younger brother Senjuro at the residence but before the two can have a proper conversation, former Flame Hashira, Shinjuro Rengoku tells Tanjiro to leave his premises.


Senjuro afraid of his father’s actions can’t seem to say anything yet Tanjiro builds with anger when hearing a father talk down on his belated son.
Things turn worse when Shinjuro recognizes the earrings Tanjiro wears and states that he too is a wielder of the Sun Breathing technique.Shinjuro states that the wielders of the Sun Breathing technique look down on the flame breathing as the Sun Breathing is the first of all techniques, not only that but that all other forms were initially derived from Sun Breathing.


This one piece of information says a lot about Muzan and the earrings that Tanjiro has on him. For example, did Muzan kill Tanjiro’s family because they are Sun Breathing wielders? Are there more members of the Sun Breathing technique, where are they and why haven’t we met anymore of them?


After the scuffle with Shinjuro, Tanjiro is invited in by Senjuro who tells him that normally he’d have to take the title of flame Hashira after his brother however due to himself not being born with skills with of swordsman, he can not become the next Flame Hashira and the long history of Flame Hashira’s will end with him. You need to achieve a certain level of skill for your sword to change color and unfortunately for him, no matter how he tries, his sword would never change, meaning he has no talent.


Senjuro happy with Tanjiro’s words about his brother decides to give him the sword guard of his late brother in hopes that it will protect him. With the return of Shinjuro, Senjuro masters the courage to tell his father the last words from Kyojuro which brings tears to the man who seemed unmovable by anything. I think that moment saved Shinjuro’s character from being ridiculed by the community.


On his way back to the butterfly compound, Tanjiro sees a figure in the distance with the intent to kill. We know exactly who it is, it’s swordsmith Haganezuka who’s furious that Tanjiro lost the second sword he made for him. The first was broken and now the second is lost lol…


After calming the man down with dumplings we finally get to meet the Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui who needs girls for his next mission, with a lot of back and forth from Tanjiro and Kanao, Tengen decides to take Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu.


Their next mission is in the Entertainment District and we finally get to see the new opening for season 2 which is remarkable, I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve watched it over and over. I’m sure the whole Demon Slayer community is excited for the rest of season 2.


Thanks for reading…

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