One Piece Episode 994

Ladies and Gentlemen I think it’s time we talked about Oda’s masterpiece of an episode, One Piece 994 – Crystal Mess.

One piece has been running since the 1999 and has to this date become if not one of the biggest selling comics of all time by selling over 480 Million Copies Worldwide and ths is only bound to get even bigger as the story heads towards it’s end.
Episode 994 had me never wanting the episode to end, we finally learn about Kaido and Big Mom’s alliance, what their plans are and how they plan to achieve it. Yes ladies and gentlemen, The Yonko alliance is after the Ancient Weapons, namely Pluton, Uranus and Poseidon. With these 3 Ancient Weapons, Kaido and Big Mom are confident their goal in reaching the One Piece will be inevitable. 
Shogun Orochi hears of this plan and goes on a wild frantic towards Kaido, stating that the capital of wano is he’s and he’s alone to set his revenge on all those who prosecuted him and he’s family clan, the Koruzumi. And that he has every right to make those living in the capital a living hell especially towards the Kozuki Clan. Kaido responds in kind.
Oda defintely had my leg when Kaido seemingly cuts of Young momonosuke’s head clean off but the twist is even better, it’s Kaido who has betrayed Shogun Orochi, stating that they don’t need him anymore. Is this the end for Shogun Orochi, with he’s mythical Devil Fruit having 8 heads could this really be the end of the line?
We then jump straight to Kanjuro vs Okiku, Kanjuro may have been that fragile weak looking character before he’s betrayal and all that is shown to us through he’s fight with Okiku. Not only is Kanjuro strong but he clearly has been hiding more than acting skills to he’s former friends.


Kanjuro is not only holding himself against Okiku, he is also using he’s acting and drawing skills on a completely diffrentl level. Okiku on the other hand is struggling to comes to terms that Kanjuro has really betrayed them, questioning him on throughout the fight that was all that time they spent together really fake, was any of it real. Kanjuro having known but acting all he’s life tells her that he’s happy that he’s acting was so great that even after telling them the truth they can not come to terms with it however at the end of it all we get to see Kanjuro’s goal, to die on a great stage like he’s parents were murdered all those years ago.