Protege 2021

Martin Campbell is no slouch when it comes right down to the nitty-gritty of actions movies, having directors a handful and more amazing films which as James Bond: Casino Royale and James Bond: Goldeneye. Protege is just another one of those hits however this time Maggie Q takes the lead.
Whilst the film does deliver when it comes to actions scenes mostly comparable to John Wick where one is so physically beaten and battered and yet they always find a way to stand back up again. It has however felt a sense of incompleteness in my soul as the story doesn’t answer all of the questions.
You would think that when your an assassin killing people daily you would rather not have kids around such an environment instead we get the main character played by Maggie Q who is taken in as a child after having her entire family killed in front of her by what looks to be mercenaries, Samuel L. Jackson the assassin finds her hidden inside a wardrobe, decides to adopt her after seeing how she dealt with the men on her own and decides to make her an assassin as well.
Watching Michael Keaton and Maggie Q interact though always seemed refreshing and so real, they gel so well together and I would love to see more of them.
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Director - Martin Campbell

"She has that wonderful combination of her skills as an actress and her skill at being able to do action".

Anna (Maggie Q) becomes the world’s best contract killer after being rescued as a child by the legendary assassin Moody Samuel L. Jackson).
Maggie Q
Samuel L. Jackson
Michael Keaton
David Rintoul
Ray Fearon
Patrick Malahide