Free Guy

Now if there’s anything we know about Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy it would be that comedy and laughter are to be expected, whether it comes in the forms of making Ryan Reynolds a badass assassin with his mouth sealed shut or an international triple AAA bodyguard that lost his license, you should always expect to laugh your stomach out and in Free guy, it comes with a twist.
Free Guy director is Shawn Levy who’s known for his many comedic relief films such as Night At The MuseumThe Interns, and The Pink Panther. Shawn Levy was the producer of the hit Sci-Fi Flim Arrival, which earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture in 2016.
I love the idea of life being a simulation where some people, actually most are NPC’s and whilst the big and famous are the actual players of the game called a life of which Free Guy I think to a certain degree explored that idea. I recommend this movie to those looking for a good time, good laughs with a little sprinkle of romance.
Jodie Comer playing the character Molotov Girl was super sexy, totally badass and just what the film needed in that one lady no one can handle. I feel the film needed more action scenes with her, I mean she had a stash house filled with all sorts of guns, grenades, and vehicles that we hardly got to see used.
There most certainly is more room for improvement in Free Guy but all in all, I enjoyed the film, even the Charismatic Villian of the film Taika Waititi, a part of me still could not believe this is the big bad wolf but he sure made that up with his goofy appeal, over the top dress style and hellish sarcasm.


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Director - Shawn Levy

"This is the first non-IP, non-sequel that Disney has released in literally years"

A bank teller discovers he’s actually a None Playable Character (NPC) in a open world action video game.
Ryan Reynolds
Jodie Comer
Taika Waititi
Joe Keery
Lil Rel Howery
Utkarsh Ambudkar