Physical 100

Physical: 100

What happens when you bring together 100 individuals ranging from bodybuilders, powerlifters, and muscle fanatics into one room together all for the honor of fame and glory of in their nation, we get Physical: 100.


Distributed by the streaming giant Netflix, with nine episodes in total released from January 24 to February 21, 2023. Streamers are given the pleasure of viewing some of South Korea’s top athletes from across the entire country come together and compete.


You wanted equality, you’ll get equality as ladies and gentlemen compete against one another, no special rules for gender, and no weight restrictions, and it’s all in or nothing.


One hundred contestants in top physical shape compete in a series of grueling challenges to claim the honor — and cash reward — as the last one standing.


Is this show any good though? Let’s dive into the review first and hopefully, you’ll come up with your conclusion as to whether it’s worth the watch or not.


Firstly, I’d like to say, I was completely taken in by the mutual respect that the Koreans have for one another, this simple and basic gesture of bowing your head when greeting someone said so much about the type of people we were going to meet on the show and I say this as I feel not mentioning it would be a disservice to the South Korean people.


Secondly, I was charmed by the realism of the people on the show. There are a lot of controversies when talking about ‘Reality Shows’, that behind closed doors there are a lot of staged moments for more dramatic effects for viewing numbers, however, I got none of that with Physical: 100.


This isn’t MTV reality, no script is needed.


All the contestants brought in 100 percent of themselves, carrying their emotions and pride on the line. You could feel the disappointment of those that lost and trust me, there is a lot of it because, in the first two episodes, half the contestants are eliminated.


Thirdly, the show is as unpredictable as the challenges that are involved in the narrowing down of contestants.


There are military agents, reserve UDT specialists, cross-fitters, influential IG models, and the world’s strongest man in South Korea taking on other contestants with results that would leave you flabbergasted.


Without a doubt, the element of shock will become a norm to the viewer as most of the results are truly shocking, you get a quick sense that body size isn’t the end all be all to every challenge, sometimes a person’s strong will is the defying factor to an upsetting conclusion.


As for the challenges or Quests for a more direct translation to the show, testing every single contestant at first look seemed easy in a way but can you imagine a bodybuilder having to hold up his or her entire body weight for minutes without end?


Or how many people can you imagine it would take to carry an object equal to 2 tons of weight, if that isn’t enough how long do you think a person would be able to carry a 50kg stone on their shoulders?


Throughout the entire nine episodes, I got the sense that there is no easy challenge, every quest had its pro and cons, if you were lucky on that day and that challenge suited your field of specialty then by all means praise God but if it didn’t then you’d better think of someone else to pray to lol…


On that note, I was happy to see them switch things up a little by adding team challenges, so contestants would in a way form relationships with others and ease the tension of having to do everything on their own.


All in all, Physical: 100 brings a new feel to the reality competition genre with a fresh and captivating number of amazing individuals from all different walks of life.


Men and Women alike.


I can’t imagine any other country doing something like this, bringing all their top athletes on screen, some being gold medalists at the Olympics sharing their tips and secrets for the whole world to see.


True sportsmanship is what I learned from this show but respect for each other is what I valued more.


I give Physical: 100 a 4.5 out of 5 ratings.


Let me know in the comments section below what you think of my review of Physical: 100. Do you disagree with it or agree with it, let’s get the conversation started.


Thank you all so much. I truly appreciate your support.


Until next time, stay blessed and watch over your families.Physical 100
Star Ratings

Jang Ho-gi & Lee Jong-il

“When I looked at the bulletin board in our gym, some contestants seemed more deserving of the title of best body. And I wanted to do this right and figure out the fittest. A total of 1,000 people applied to the show. We whittled it down to 500 participants for interviews. After a physical examination and a check on mental status, 100 contestants were chosen for the show,”

One hundred contestants in top physical shape compete in a series of gruelling challenges to claim the honour — and cash reward — as the last one standing.
  • Yun Sung-bin
  • Nam Kyung-jin
  • Kwak Myung-sik
  • Choo Sung-hoon
  • Hoju Tarzan
  • Kim Sang-wook
  • Ma Sun-ho
  • Jo Jin-hyeong
  • Jang Seong-min
  • Jang Eun-sil
  • Kim Sik
  • Jjang Jae
  • Kang Han
  • Shin Bo-mi-rae
  • Dbo
  • OVAN
  • Kim Kang-min
  • Jung Hae-min
  • Kim Ye-hyun
  • Seo Ha-yan
  • Netflix
  • MBC
  • Luvworks Media
  • 9 Episodes

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