Come and Wonder at Juan Jesús García Galocha’s directorial debut with the – Mummies, featuring voiceovers by Joe Thomas, Eleanor Tomlinson, and Sean Bean.

Released on the 24th of February 2023 in Spain and selected theatres in the United States by distributor Warner Bros. Pictures.

Mummies embark on the story of three mummies – Thut, Nefer, and Sebhek who end up in present-day London and embark on a journey in search of an old ring belonging to the Royal Family of the Pharoah, stolen by the ambitious archaeologist Lord Carnaby.

The mummies end up in several hilarious situations as they try to understand and adapt to 21st-century London in an obvious culture clash.

However, do these mummies have what it takes to conquer modern London? Let’s dive into the review and find out.

The first element that loved about Mummies is its stunning animation that appears and feels realistic albeit it’s 3D animated the amount of detail that went into each character almost reminded me of Encanto in the sense that their facial expressions are so accurate, you could always tell what they were feeling without any sound.

Thut voiced by Joe Thomas is your normal character that’s been left with PTSD for fast speeds from chariot racing since a certain incident, after that incident he decides to give up on his passion, considering writing autographs for his fans as a means of living.

However, life has other plans for Thut when he is invited to meet with the Pharaoh unaware that he will be required to marry the princess of Egypt – Nefer, voiced by Eleanor Tomlinson.

Refusal to the marriage or loss of the ring within 7 days will result in him having his tongue cut out and both eyes removed from his sockets – which is one of the too many examples of harsh punishments the Egyptians would impose on those that did not do as they were asked.

Whilst Princess Nefer is tired of the same old routine, she wants to see change, she wants to go out into the world and become a singer whilst not being tied down to principles and tradition, and one day the opportunity is given to her when archaeologist Lord Carnaby steals the royal ring entrusted to Thut to wed her with, forcing the duo along with Thut’s younger brother Sebhek and his pet crocodile to embark on an adventure to retrieve the ring in the world of the living.

Straight out of the gate, it’s made clear that they are opposites who can barely stand to be in one another’s presence and that’s one of the beauties about the Mummies.
It’s this natural opposite chemistry that makes interactions between Thut and Nefer a gem, it comes off so natural and often ends with a hilarious gag between them that it leaves a smile on your face left wondering how is it that they don’t belong together.

“Mummies” comedic relief is very good for both adults and children alike, usually I don’t stop or pause a movie during my first watch through, however, Mummies had me laughing like a delinquent, shedding tears of joy and happiness all at the same time.

The creativity of the film is remarkable and I can’t forget the best part of it which is Sebhek’s sidekick pet crocodile. It’s so adorable, I loved seeing every moment of it on screen, and don’t miss with it’s girlfriend or you’ll get a set of deadly teeth delivered to the family jewels lol…

All in all, Mummies is a fun, satisfying unyielding film that addresses the pros and cons of traditions but inevitably decides to include them rather than push them to the wayside in the hopes of considering working together rather than doing everything on your own.


Sadly, it won’t be recognized with the greats such as Shrek, Big 6 Hero, etc, but don’t sleep on it. It’s an exceptionally good movie that the entire family can watch together and have a fun time.

I give Mummies a 3.6 out of 5 rating.

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Until next time, stay blessed.Mummies
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Juan Jesús García Galocha

"There is a story for children and also another reading for parents that both children and their parents will like"

It follows three mummies as they end up in present-day London and embark on a journey in search of an old ring belonging to the Royal Family, stolen by the ambitious archaeologist Lord Carnaby.
  • Joe Thomas
  • Eleanor Tomlinson
  • Santiago Winder
  • Sea Bean
  • Rachel Adedeji
  • Dan Starkey
  • Hugh Bonneville
  • Celia Imrie
  • Karina Pasian
  • Shakka
  • Oliver Lidert
  • Jordi Gasull
  • Javier López Barreira
  • Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Warner Bros. Entertainment España
  • 4 Cats Pictures
  • Anangu Grup
  • Moomios Movie AIE
  • Atresmedia Cine
  • 1h 28mins


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