Director Bong-Sub Park’s latest work with writer Young Mi-Yoon is a powerful declaration about love and revenge in the Korean series Eve.
This series was produced by production companies Studio Dragon, C-JeS Entertainment, and TVN and released on the 1st of June 2022 with the last episode having aired on the 21st of July 2022, and consisting of 16 episodes in total.
For the focus of the series, the main plot revolves around a young lady by the name of Lee La-El played by Seo Yea-Ji, and the chairman of LY Group, Kang Yoon-Kyum played by Byeong-eun Park.
Lee La El at a young age witnessed her father’s brutal torture and death at the command of the former prime minister of South Korea.
Her mother Kim Jin-Sook played by Jung-Young Kim who tried to fight against the injustice of her husband’s murder was then kidnapped and left for dead by Han So-Ra, the former prime minister’s daughter played by Yoo Sun.
Watching this series is incredible, the development of the characters, the pacing of the episodes, the emotions behind every scene, and the lore of the story are unbelievably addicting.
I’ve never been one for the melodrama genre, especially in series, it tends to drag things that can easily be solved in a matter of moments into a marathon however that’s not what I discovered in Eve.
Each episode has meaning and depth that play a major point towards the progression of the story and finally the heartfelt finale that came with twists and turns that had been set up from the very beginning of the series.
Seo Yea-Ji is without a doubt the star of the series and properly so.
Her acting is phenomenal, to the point of insanity especially when you realize that she suffers from a lot of mental illnesses due to the traumatic experience that will perhaps stay with her for her entire life.
And throughout the entire season, we get to see her try to keep a level head even at the cost of inflicting serious hurt to herself.
Her mission: to infiltrate her father’s killers by getting close enough to them without raising any suspicion under a new name, bugging their homes and phones, all in the name of gathering information even if done illegally but love wasn’t part of the plan and yet like a thief at night, came without warning.
I love how the concept of twin flame played an intricate part within the story and being a ballroom dancer myself, I must admit I enjoyed how they portrayed the Tango, it gave me a different perspective on the dance that I hadn’t thought of before.
It took twelve whole years after leaving the hospital for Lee La El and Jang Moon-hee to cook up their scandalous vengeance and yet all it took was but a moment for love to turn everything on its head.
And after all that scheming, the heart decided to fall in love with one of the four people that are responsible for the death of her parents and her misfortune.
On the other hand, Kang Yoon-Kyum is a humble person that was born into a family of criminals however he worked hard for everything that he currently has.
His only crimes were, wanting to make something of himself, to prove he had some worth to his father that didn’t appreciate him because he was born out of wedlock and agreeing to marry Han So-Ra in an arranged marriage to get Gedriks Semiconductor.
Nevertheless, his whole life he had lived it all listening to what others told him, always working hard but never appreciated.
His so-called wife Han So-Ra that is completely obsessed with him had someone on the side that she cheated with but the thought of him cheating drove her crazy, literally.
The cast of this series is all incredible, I can’t possibly pinpoint any specific actor or actress that felt out of place within the series as they all played their characters with absolute resolve.
Though each episode is an hour-long, the pacing of each episode didn’t feel like it, at some moments it even felt like the episode was only thirty minutes long.
Every episode goes by so quickly, that you could hardly feel the hour pass by. The building up of suspense and tension throughout the series is wonderfully done.
It’s the first episode without a doubt that did it for me, the cinematography, the dance on stage, and the wardrobe choices were just majestic right out the bat.
Now, do you know what had me shocked?
It’s when I was researching the series only to find that there are sites out there that are dedicated to advising ladies on what Lee La El was wearing…
I mean seriously? That’s amazing.
Let me know what some of your favorite moments on Eve were in the comments section below.
Thanks for reading…Eve

Bong-Sub Park

"I've never danced the tango before, and I have never danced. It's been a while, but I'm glad that I got to know tango even a little bit through this opportunity."

A 2 trillion won divorce case that shocked the country and a woman who seeks revenge on the richest people of Korea.
Seo Yea-Ji
Byeong-Eun Park
Lee Sang-Yeob
Yoo Sun
Lee II-Hwa
Lee Ha-Yul
So Hee-Jung
Park Myung-Hoon
Son So-Mang
Jung Hae-Kyun
Jung-Young Kim
Kim Ji-An
Lee Se-Na
Lee Ji-Ha
Lee Seung-Chul
Jo Deok-Hyeon
Jeon Kuk-Hwan
Kim So-Woo
Noh Ha-Yeon
Studio Dragon
C-JeS Entertainment
Young Mi Yoon

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