Sea Beast

The Sea Beast

Director Chris Williams debuts his first solo project in The Sea Beast distributed by Netflix. Best known for his work on Moana and Big Hero 6.


From the very first scene, The Sea Beast introduced itself as a film to watch out for, with its phenomenal animation and its enormous beasts that lurk under the ocean.
There’s this scene during the film when Jacob and Maisie fall into the ocean, and upon looking down deep into the ocean they lock eyes with the Red Blaster.
That scene reminded me of every reason that to this day, I have not taken a cruise nor even attempted to go further than our beautiful beaches in South Africa, the ocean is a scary place lol…
The Sea Beast is such a wonderful animated film, the screenplay between the transition of scenes looks so realistic, that you can’t help but feel as if you are there yourself.
Once you begin this film you will be taken on a journey that not only challenges your opinion on the sea beasts themselves but who is pulling the strings behind the scenes.
Jacob Holland voiced by Karl Urban from The Boys has quite a unique role in this story.
Not only is he famous and respected as the best hunter there is, but he is also entrusted with inheriting the greatest ship that still sails the seas to this day, the Inevitable by the greatest captain alive, Captain Crow.
Yet what he discovers on his journey with Maisie changes his perspective of everything he thought he knew about the sea beasts and their nature.
Maisie Brumble voiced by Zaris-Angel Hator is a brilliant young girl that wants to become the greatest huntress under the sails of the Inevitable, however, destiny has other plans for her.
What I enjoyed about this film is its incredible characters, its honest-to-goodness animation of the ocean, and lore that can be expanded on into multiple films in the future.
Some of the most interesting characters for me were Captain Crow voiced by Jared Harris and his right hand, Sarah Sharpe voiced by Marianne Jean-Baptiste.
Watching Captain Crow slow being devoured by his obsession and rage towards the Red Blaster is one of the most iconic moments in the film.
Seeing such a respectable man fall from grace and lose everything, his values, his morals, and his crew was heartbreaking to see yet Sarah never changes, she’s strong, straightforward, and sweet as can be, wish we had seen more of her.
That’s why I say this movie can branch into more films as the ending didn’t have a definitive end between humans and the beasts of the sea.
We could get a prequel into how the war started, why did the Kingdom start spreading lies about the beasts and how did they gain such wealth by killing the sea beasts?
The Sea Beast has a way of making its viewers feel as if they are in a different world with its authentic creativity and scene which is why I recommend watching it on the biggest screen you have.
The graveyard scene with the sea beasts’ bones at the bottom of the ocean, sunken ships, and jellyfish with purple bioluminescence is forever engraved in my head. Truly a majestic scene, I can’t name anything that I disliked about this film.
Loved the father-daughter relationship Jacob and Maisie gave off from the get-go, though the idea of them staying together did come off as a little forceful.
Let me know what some of your favorite moments of The Sea Beast were in the comments section below.
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Chris Williams

“I had reached a point where I’d been at Disney for 25 years, which at that point was half my life. I had a great experience there, I have great friends there, and I left on good terms. I just needed to throw myself into something new, almost for its own sake.”

Karl Urban
Zaris-Angel Hator
Jared Harris
Dan Stevens
Jim Carter
Kathy Burke
Marianne Jean-Baptiste
Doon Mackichan
A young girl stows away on the ship of a legendary sea monster hunter, she meets a sea beast known throughout the world as being deadly, only for her to see things in a different perspective.
1h 59 mins

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