Director Chloe Okuno may have released her best work to date with her latest film, Watcher.


The film’s focus is on a couple that’s moved into their new apartment in Romania, however, things aren’t all roses and flowers as Julia notices a stranger from across their apartment constantly staring into their room through the window.
I don’t believe I have seen any film so simply made yet captivating and thrilling from start to finish.
Chloe Okuno’s amazing attention to detail and script writing is what defines Watcher apart from her other crafts. Her way of building suspense and tension in this movie should be an example to all thriller movies out there, possibly one of my best thriller movies this year.
Julia played by Maika Monroe is a phenomenal actress to watch, every decision made in this movie is relatable and realistic to the everyday person out in the world that thinks someone is watching them, and that is what makes this film a gem.
Julia’s decision may seem risky and stupid at times however if you were in her shoes, wouldn’t you have done the very same thing?
Her boyfriend, on the other hand, Francis played by Karl Glusman, comes off as unsupportive of her issue and doesn’t take her seriously to the point that she chose to take matters into her own hands.
However, the crucial element between their reactions is in the difference of perspectives that was shown when at the grocery store.
Imagine a customer breaking a bottle of jam, rather than picking it up or reporting it to security or someone instead runs to the back of the store asking for a back way out?
That customer is likely more to be seen as a customer that didn’t want to pay for damages rather than a person that’s being stalked around don’t you think so?
This explains why Francis thought Julia was looking at him instead because anyone else who would have heard the sound of breaking glass would come to see what is happening and look around.
Though in Julia’s perspective, your boyfriend isn’t supporting you, matter a fact, he thinks you are overreacting about this entire situation for a need of attention, secondly, the cops would rather believe a citizen that’s been living there for years rather than a foreigner that just arrived not too long ago.
You’re in unknown territory with little to no support, the best choice Chloe Okuno did was to add Irina played by Madalina Anea to ease Julia’s sense of suffering and loneliness, although I am saddened by how her life came to an end.
I enjoyed Irina’s character as she represents a certain kind of charm, energy, and charisma. Julia was lucky to have come across her as a neighbor, you don’t find these types of neighbors so often anymore.
This film may not have a lot of fans and get a lot of buzz however I loved it, it is electrifying, honest, and doesn’t beat around the bush to make its point known.
I recommend Watcher to those that love a little thriller and nothing too complicated and complex to watch before a good night’s rest. It’s worth every moment.
Let me know what some of your favorite Watcher moments in the film were in the comments section below.
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Chloe Okuno

“I always start by thinking about how I can tell the story visually. This movie is a sort of classical psychological thriller where we’re spiritually in the realm of Rosemary’s Baby, so it was really about bringing Julia’s interior world to the surface and making us feel what she’s feeling.”

Maika Monroe
Burn Gorman
Karl Glusman
Madalina Anea
Daniel Nuta
Florian Ghimpu
As a serial killer stalks the city, a young actress who just moved to town with her boyfriend notices a mysterious stranger watching her from across the street.
IFC Films
Universal Pictures
Focus Features
1h 36mins

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