V/H/S/ 94 (2021)

VHS94 is the fourth installment in the hit horror anthology franchise from A Shudder Original film, however, it’s only been my first and for a person who’s not into horror all that much, I came to enjoy it. VHS94 has a different feel to it for a horror movie, maybe it’s the style of recording, different scenarios segments, whatever it is, I found myself wanting to see more.
The reason why I rarely watch horror movies is that you get the same movie build-up in almost all of them, for example, the cast is always in a dark room walking past an open door that magically closes itself with the background music foreshadowing everything like a script. You already know a loud bang is on the way, you aren’t afraid or scared as you’ve seen the same events happen over and over again like a broken record for as long as I can remember.


The first segment of the film called “Storm Drain” took me by surprise, to think a news reporter and her cameramen would take their assignment of the rat-man to such lengths as walking into sewers, all for the sake of making a story for a broadcast channel.


The duo ends up going even deeper into the subterranean tunnels and what they find changes their lives forever, well at least for one of them. Or how about the Mad doctor who has taken a wicked interest in humans and machines by trying to merge the two into one being.


“The Subject” is one of the best segments of the film as The Creator is a deranged genius doctor who goes out of his way to create cyborgs using the people he kidnapped to create his wild experiments. The victims were put under sedatives to keep them from fighting back or being conscious as he cut off their body parts without any remorse.
Some of his victims had no bodies, just the head attached to a mechanical spider looking like a creation. One day he’s caught by the police and things get even crazier after that.


However the segment I enjoyed the most has to be “Terror”, it had this wacky comedy sense to it, filled with men who had dreams of “making America Great Again” as former US President Trump would say, but the disturbing part of this is that they used another human to achieve their goals.


This man was locked up in a homemade cage, constantly looked at 24/7, and killed daily. For some unknown reason, the man’s blood once exposed to the sun would explode just as TNT. So they used the man’s blood by shooting him in the head, once dead they would collect his blood and the next day the man would be alive again, no surgery, no doctors, just revives again and is shot again to keep him restrained and collect his blood for a terrorist act they had planned.


As I said this is the fourth installment which I enjoyed very much, I will keep an eye out for the first three installments and once done will put my review on site. if your a horror fan, I most certainly recommend this for you.


Thank you for reading…


Director - Timo Tjahjanto / Simon Barrett

"I had always wanted to do a film that kind of paid homage to the Russian-Ukrainian film “Viy.” That’s a film made in the late ‘60s that I’ve always really loved."

A police S.W.A.T. team raids a warehouse where they find numerous VHS tapes that reveal a sinister cult that has prerecorded material of horrifying experiments to humans.
Anna Hopkins
Gina Philips
David Reale
Donny Alamsyah
Kyal Legend
Nicolette Pearse