Bullet Train

Bullet Train

Director David Leitch best known for his work on “300” and “John Wick” makes his return to cinema, on a crazy action comedy – Bullet Train.

Five assassins from across the entire globe, aboard a fast-moving bullet train only to discover that their missions have something in common.


Even though all five assassins are on the same train, each has come abroad for their specific reason but what gives this film its brilliant twist is that all of them are connected, whether they know it or not.

Bullet Train first hit theatres worldwide on the 5th of August 2022, featuring an All-Star phenomenal cast by the names of Brad Pitt, Joey King, Hiroyuki Sanada, Brain Tyree Henry, and more.

Ladybug played by Brad Pitt is a retired assassin who has left his previous life of killing and assassination for a more peaceful and tranquil one, however at the last minute is offered an opportunity to make a quick buck and gladly accepts.

On this mission, he is required to steal a briefcase containing an undisclosed amount of money, get off at the next station and go about his newly discovered calm life but things take a sudden turn when he is attacked by a fellow assassin known as – The Wolf played by Bad Bunny.

Bullet Train offers its audience plenty of action, mystery, and comedy, which blend so well with the characters that appear in this film, making for an explosion of great action choreography and visually stunning cinematography by Jonathan Sela.

The camera work throughout this film is just incredible, every scene was captured in great detail, whether it was the close-up scenes of characters, the kitchen or just walking down the aisle, I found myself enjoying Bullet Train not only with my ears but eyes as well.

We have some interesting, and when I say interesting, I mean seriously interesting characters in this film each with their unique traits.

For example, the first assassins we meet on the train – Lemon and Tangerine played by Brain Tyree Henry and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, otherwise known as The Twins lol…

Lemon being an assassin judges people according to the popular kid’s show “Thomas and Friends” and assigns them to a specific train per their behavior and mannerisms.

Tangerine, on the other hand, is the straight-to-the-point, no-nonsense brawler that gets the job done as quickly as possible.

It’s together where this dynamic duo truly shines, they are gutsy, bring a whole new level of energy, and even though they are antagonists to our protagonist Ladybug, you can’t help but love their characters.

Keep in mind, luck and fate play a huge role in this film, though normally such an aspect would be considered boring and cliché, it’s in the way that luck plays a hand with each character that makes one having bad luck almost seem like the luckiest person in the train.

Another element that I would like to address is how the assassins are introduced to the film.

They are given quick introductions in Japanese Kanji as the film is based in Japan and backstories that quickly bring us to light on who this assassin is and how they are connected to the events on the train.

Unbelievable performances by the entire cast, especially Brad Pitt, Joey King, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Prince played by Joey King resembles the ultimate acting villain who uses her beauty, age, and luck to deceive all those that threaten her goals with an outstanding performance, loved every scene of her.

To close the review, Bullet Train is an exciting, fast-paced action comedy with stunning visuals that will keep your eyes glued to the screen without the concern of time.

Offers an array of brilliant characters, lore, and storytelling. The CGI is obvious in some moments but by the time you see them your heart is already solely set on finishing it without a care in the world.

Awarding it an 8 out of 10 ratings.

Let me know in the comments section below what you loved about Bullet Train.

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David Leitch

"I was as shocked as you are right now. Yes, I've known him for a long, long time, but to get Brad Pitt on a movie is like lightning in a bottle. And so, when Kelly brought me Bullet Train and I read it, and we were like, "Oh, okay. I'm in, I'm in. Kelly, I'm in. Okay, we'll figure out the characters. Okay, Ladybug, it's Brad."

Five assassins aboard a fast moving bullet train find out their missions have something in common.
Brad Pitt
Joey King
Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Bad Bunny
Brian Tyree Henry
Andrew Koji
Zazie Beetz
Hiroyuki Sanada
Michael Shannon
Logan Lerman
Sandra Bullock
Karen Fukuhara
Masi Oka
Ryan Reynolds
Sony Pictures Entertainment
2h 6mins

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