DC League of Super-Pets

DC League of Super-Pets

Pet lovers and DC fans, today we’ll be reviewing the latest DC project to hit theatres by Director Jared Stern in DC League of Super-Pets.

Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and released on the 29th of July 2022. DC League of Super-Pets is marketed for kids and families that love to go out and watch a movie together.

In this film, we follow the super life of Krypto, Superman’s BFF who shares almost every ability that the Man-of-Steel has aside from the ability to communicate with humans.

One evening, before a perfectly planned date, Superman is abruptly attacked and kidnapped in the process, leaving Krypto with the responsibility of protecting Metropolis and finding the one responsible.

DC League of Super-Pets features an over-qualified cast in my opinion in the names of dynamic duo – Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Keanu Reeves and so much more.

The reason I say over-qualified is simply because Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart don’t get that much screen time until the second act of the film, which is probably halfway through the movie already.

And not to mention, Batman voiced by Keanu Reeves only had a handful of things to say, I bet he never had more than ten sentences throughout the entire film.

A concern I have about the film is that, even though it’s rated PG and addressed mostly the children, there were a few curse words within the film that I found highly unappropriated.

Though the words were beeped out, I still do not understand the reasoning behind the use of curse words during a children’s movie.

Another element I found lacking about this film was the reasoning, and motivations behind the villain’s actions.

There is nothing that I could relate to about the villain nor anything engaging with me to keep me interested and tuned into watching the film.

In my honest opinion, I believe DC League of the Super-Pets is single-mindedly targeting Pet Lovers, especially those that have dogs. Though one should ask themselves if any theatre would even allow pets into their premises.

Incredible 3D animation even for DC standards; as they usually pride themselves on the 2D traditional animation, particularly in their animation films which came off as a surprise.

I love the characters in this film, especially Lulu played by Kate McKinnon. She does a better impersonation of Lex Luther than Lex Luther himself lol… Imagine that, imagine someone doing a better impersonation of you than you. It’s crazy but it’s true.

PB, Chip, and Merton are a complete mess but funny and enjoyable to watch. Their interactions with one another are one of the reasons I like this film.

Glad to see some of the cast members from “Orange is the New Black” being part of something bigger.

Overall, this is not a film for kids younger than 13, simply due to the curse words and that some of the jokes will go over their heads.

There is a lot left out to keep the audience interested in the film, no plot whatsoever, and does little to nothing when it comes to finding something to relate to the villain with but has a popular cast.

Let me know in the comments section below what some of your thoughts about the DC League of Super-Pets film are.

Thanks for reading another exciting review, I appreciate it.DC League of Super-Pets

Jared Stern

“While I was there, there was a front room of the shelter that had some adorable kittens, and it's a miracle anytime any pet is adopted, but I had a feeling those kittens had a good shot.”

Krypto must master his own pride for a rescue mission when Superman is kidnapped.
Dwayne Johnson
Kevin Hart
Kate McKinnon
John Krasinki
Vanessa Buyer
Keanu Reeves
Marc Maron
Walt Bros. Pictures
1h 45mins

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