James Bond: No Time To Die

Whoever said you could live a peaceful life after retiring from the MI6 was mistaken, hence Bond finds out the hard way that life after the secret service is no such thing.


The first scene of a young Madeleine Swann is pivotal to the story, it not only informs us of her background but also intensifies the reason for her actions up till now.


As Bond is enjoying his time after retiring from the secret service, the couple’s plans are short-lived when James is ambushed by the agents of Spectre. James thinks of no one that could have exposed his whereabouts but the person next to him, Madeleine Swann.


Madeleine pleads with James that she isn’t the one to sell him out to Spectre but James isn’t convinced by her tears, rather than have them kill them, James escapes from the clutches of Spectre and gets Madeleine on a train, to which he tells her they will never see each other again.


I should first state that I was not much of a James Bond fan until I happened to watch Casino Royale, at that time I fell in love with the James Bond movies and the amazing acting Daniel Craig put into the character.


Never have I heard of a Bond character dying before and the death of Daniel Craig’s Bond is sure to leave a lot of shoes to fill. Even though he had retired and a new 007 agent had been given to Lashana Lynch, she could only compete but in the end, acknowledge that the rightful holder of 007 is James Bond himself.


Though this was the last movie for Daniel’s Bond impersonation, it was worth it in every respect, none stop action with the lives of millions on the line and it’s good to know that he didn’t leave without having left nothing behind, he has a daughter with Madeleine Swann and it was also proven to him that she never betrayed him, everything was the doing of Safin.


Don’t be discouraged by its long runtime as you won’t even feel it, a matter of fact, you will want to see more, just make sure you have enough popcorn and drinks to go with it lol…


With the end of Spectre and Safin, who will the new villains be, and who will replace Daniel Craig’s Bond? I’m sure a lot of fans are asking themselves the same thing.


Truly it was no time for him to die. SPECTACULAR MOVIE.


Thank you for reading…
Director - Cary Joji Fukunaga

"You need someone who’s able to make those brave choices at the helm of a Bond movie.”

After leaving the secret service of MI6, James Bond lives his life peacefully in Jamaica but that peaceful live is disrupted when he is attacked by the agents of Spectre.
Daniel Craig
Rami Malek
Lea Seydoux
Lashana Lynch
Ralph Fiennes
Christoph Waltz

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