Kingdom Season 3 Episode 24

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 24 – Deepest Gratitude. Lets talk about it.
Firstly, WHAT AN EPSIODE!! We finally get to see the final confrontation between Ri Shin and Hou Ken of the Three Great Generals. Without a seconds thought, Shin and Hou Ken collide at the center of the hurricane, all eyes starring at from from both Armies. Shin realizes that General Biao did not die in vain but actually sacrificed himself to weaken an already might “God of War” Hou Ken himself. With that, Shin strikes at Hou Ken’s blade, sending the whole battlefield ablaze with shocking expressions on everyone’s faces.
Hou Ken himself is stunned still as he can not comprehend what just happened and how could such a thing happen, knowing he’s own strength to take out generals with a single swing of he’s spear, Hou Ken is left astonished and questioning who and what Ri Shin is, how could such a young soldier send huim back and damage him so gravely. Leaving him to conclude and adhere Li Mu’s warning that if he is to stay here, even he would not survive.
With that signaling the end of the war between the Coalition Armies and Qin. Li Mu is seen retreating with his army back to their main camp, a truly satisfying site to behold.
None of this could have been and Qin would have certainly lost to the onslaught of Li Mu’s Elite Army if it were not for Duke Mu’s Alliance with King Zheng dated more than 400 years ago, and of which  Yang Daunhe still holds with current King Zheng. It’s absolutely amazing how even 400 years later, the people have not forgotten, even 400 years later the people of Qin are still one in the same and this was beautifully illustrated by by King Zheng thanking Yang Daunhe for saving them, a lesson all the people of Zui learned and will forever pass down their descendants and King Zheng bowing to Yang Daunhe as appreciatation.

We then get to understand what makes king Zheng so different to other Kings, not only is he willing to die for his people, his country but it also doesn’t bring him any joy from losing people, using them as shields and a stepping stone. That is not who King Zheng is, he is hurt and totally being consumed by he’s thoughts at the amount of civilians that have lost their lives during this 7 day battle at Zui. He admits that war is not the same as when your in the court hearing reports and outside seeing it with your own eyes. War is more than simple numbers and territory. Ri Shin reconfirms Zheng that he did the right choice and that the people who lost their lives did not do it because of what Zheng said, they did smiling with glitter in their eyes because they believed in their king. We get a alluring scene where Ri Shin and King Zheng give their thanks to those who have left this word but continue to watch over them.