That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 Episode 48

It’s that time we’ve all been waiting, it’s finally time for Demon Lord Rimuru Tempest vs Demon Lord Clayman. Since the beginning of the series, we have been giving clues and hints on the Demon Lords and their influence on this world whether it be good or bad. And Clayman is that one bad apple within the bunch, thankfully Rimuru does some really quick job on him by beating the stuffing out of him and devouring his very essence, his very being at the end.
This is the moment we have all been waiting for since season 1 with Clayman being a puppet master of people’s fates, using and discarding people as he saw fit as long as he could achieve his goal at the end. What saddens me about the whole event is that even though Clayman had friends with him, he grew too arrogant, rather than asking for help, he would rather take it by force. Is this truly the end of Clayman?
With the death of Clayman the remaining Demon Lords decide to continue their meeting amongst themselves with two really big decisions being made, firstly Demon Lord Frey and  Demon Lord Carrion have chosen to step down from their titles of Demon Lord and have chosen to follow Milim herself. Frey felt she is too weak to be called a Demon Lord after Rimuru and Clayman’s showdown, Carrion on the other hand hence he had lost fair and square to Milim he’d only find it respective to be under her wing.

8 Demon Lords remain and with that, a new name is required. The Demon Lords seem to have a seriously hard time when picking a name hence they have stated in the past numerous meetings amongst demon lords have been held just to pick a name, clearly, they are bad at naming things (laughing out loud). But thanks to Veldora’s loud mouth, Rimuru is given the pleasure of naming the remaining lords by Guy Crimson himself, though it came as a threat due to Rimuru being the reason the demon lords have declined in numbers.
With everyone heading back to their respective homes, we head back to Laplace who again is trying to expose the emperor but is shown his way out after seeing Hinata Sakaguchi guarding the place, once out of the palace, Roy Valentine returns in front of Laplace and informs him of Clayman’s death, a confused and stunned Laplace who normally runs away at first glance seems to be a bit upset and with that goes on the offense against the same demon lord that once sent him running with his tail in between his legs at the start of season 2.
Laplace is so upset and angry at the passing of Clayman he remembers how strong he is and destroys Roy Valentine’s core with minimum effort whatsoever.

Rimuru returns to Tempest along with him, Beretta, and Ramiris who have stated over and over again why they want to move to Tempest. Veldora is forever focused on one thing, reading the next chapter of the manga and upon Rimuru’s return, we see that the whole town of Tempest has been waiting for their safe return from Walpurgis.
And with that season 2 has been concluded and there is still more to come. What will season 3 have in store for us, what will Footman and Tear do upon hearing of Clayman’s death, what happened to Demon Lord Kazalim?
I enjoyed every episode of season 2 to the point that I couldn’t wait for the next episode to release so that I could watch it immediately, one of the best protagonist and definitely one of my favorite opening and endings for 2021.
Thank you for reading…