Kingdom Season 3 Episode 25

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 25 – “Difference in Dances” begins with the return of King Zheng to the capital of Qin, Xianyang where he meets Xiang, one of the king’s consorts baring Zheng’s child, who then bursts into tears uncontrollably upon seeing he’s highness return. Zheng who is a bit puzzled to see her in such a state and understands her feelings all too well proceeds to comfort her by hugging her and reconfirming the promise he made to her to return. Come on now Zheng, we know the girl loves you lol…

With the war over and done with, all generals, high commanding figures, and contributing personnel are invited to the Awards Ceremony. King Zheng opens up by first thanking everyone for their “hard work that has saved them from the crisis of statelessness, a great cause indeed.” And that is it most regrettable for both himself as King and the people of Qin to have lost 2 generals as the outcome of their victory, however, the greatest honor of this war goes to General Mou Bu for defeating Qin’s greatest adversary Commanding General Kan Mei.
The Award Ceremony then decides to add 3 special awards for the events that took place, firstly to the civilians of Zui for standing up against Lu Mu’s Army even though they had never held a sword ever in their lives. Secondly to Yang Dauche and the mountain people for their prompt timing with reinforcements, if it weren’t for them the last castle of Zui would have fallen, following right them the capital Xianyang. Thirdly to the main protagonist himself, Ri Shin for not only defeating Zhao’s general but together with General Biao stopped Lu Mu’s Army from reaching Xianyang, thus giving him a promotion from Battalion Commander to Brigade Commander, three more ranks to he’s aspired dream of becoming a general.

Ri Shin is happy to receive this promotion and silently tells the King to hurry up on his aspired dream as well, a truly beautiful moment when you think about what these two have promised each other to achieve, while Shin dreams to become a General, he wants to become the greatest general to ever exist and King Zheng dreams to unite all of China becoming the King of it all and stopping the ongoing wars for land amongst themselves. Yes, we were born in different lands, but does it reason enough to constantly be at each other’s throats for generations?
Shin wastes no time organizing his newly formed brigade of 3000 and assisting neighboring villages with the aftermaths of the war. To no surprise some of Lord Biao’s men have decided to join Shin, with the unfortunate passing of their Lord Shin who was especially close to Lord Biao made it all the reason easier for them to keep an eye on the young man who not only avenged they’re Lord but who their Lord looked to him as he’s own son. 
With that, we head over to the land of Zhao, where we meet Ri Shin’s Lieutenant Qiang Lei, who had left in Season 2 in the anime for personal reasons but vowed to return to Shin’s side once she had achieved her goal of avenging her older sister who was brutally beheaded during the Clan Shiyuu’s ritual.
Qiang Lei meets one of her clan’s people who informs her of the secret whereabouts of Yuu Ren, her older sister’s killer, and advises her to keep her guard up and Yuu Ren is known for using dirty tricks to achieve her goals but the clanswoman is surprised to see that Qiang Lei is not only focused on revenge but also looks into the future for something better, something that is not common amongst their clan of assassins.
Will Qiang Lei meet the same fate as her sister or will she be able to overcome the challenges in front of her? With one more episode left for Season 3, I’m sure a massive cliffhanger is coming at the end but I am along for the ride.
Thank you for reading…