One Piece Episode 995

One Piece Episode 995- “Raid- Inheriting Oden’s Will” starts with Kaido remembering he’s encounter with Kozuki Oden and determining that he is the kind of man he has been waiting for. What does Kaido mean by that, we have yet to find out. 

Kaido proceeds to give the remaining samurai an option on whether to fight for their dead shogun or join him and become pirates. 
With previous experience kaido knows the samurai are very loyal to their leaders even in death, but Shogun Orochi was a scheming leader that took out anyone who questioned he’s rule and because of that, surrounded himself  cowards and people who only wanted to maintain their status in society. So the rebels surprise, the samurai decided to follow Kaido without a seconds thought.

As the banquet is going on, the Akazuya samurai (Oden’s retainers) invade Kaido’s castle from the back entrance initiating the Raid on Onigashima and carrying out Oden’s will.
We go back to the live performance hall where Shinobu thinks about Oden 20 years ago, remembering that the reason Oden never took action against Orochi is that he was nothing but a figurehead, that real problem for the land of Wano is Kaido. 
Unbeknownst to the people of the Flower Capital, Kaido plans to relocate the Island of Onigashima by dropping it on the people of the Flower Capital, stating that this will be their last night.
Momonosuke is still cuffed to the execution logs with Kaido trying to break his spirit at every turn, asking him to say his name in front of everyone and implying that such a cowardly young lad could not be the son of Oden and Toki. 
The traumatized Momonosuke can’t forget the day Kaido had him by the throat and tried to drop him from the top of the castle and let’s not forget that Momonosuke is only an 8-year-old kid. 
The Beast pirates think Kaido is being kind because all Momonosuke has to do is lie and make up some random name then he lives but if he says his actual name then he will die.
Whilst that is going on at the live hall, we go back to Marco the phoenix who clashes with Perospero, Big Mom’s first son and an interesting conversation erupts, Perospero tells Marco that even though the Big Mom Pirates and Beast Pirates have an alliance, their aim to make Big Mom the Pirate King, meaning once they find the One Piece they plan to betray Kaido and it seems Big Mom is aware of this scheme.
Momonosuke reminisces about his parents and Luffy, thinking about all he’s had to overcome to get to where he is right now. With that, Momonosuke gathers his senses and strength and with a loud yell tells the entire hall, that his name means Peerless and that he will be the ruler of Wano one day, bringing the rebels to tears and angering Kaido at the moment. 
Kaido prepares to strike Momo down when a hug explosion occurs catching everyone off guard. The explosion was caused by the handcuffs Kaido had placed on his son if he were ever to take them off or go too far away from the island. 
Yamato is devastated by the truth and in her rage runs towards Kaido when Luffy suddenly stops her. Yamato out of rage questions why is he stopping her, Luffy answers her question by informing her that they aren’t the ones meant to initiate the war and with that, we get one of the most breathtaking scenes in One Piece making.
The Akazuya Samurai storming Kaido’s castle in a beautiful black and white animation style, thank you Toei Animations, I loved it, and at last, the Akazuya samurai appears in front of Kaido and manage to stab him in his abdominal area, Unbelievable.
Kaido is perplexed at the fact that he’s been stabbed and it hurts, causing him to remember Oden again. The Strongest Creature in the World, Kaido has been hurt when nothing else could hurt him before. How is this possible? Why is Kaido taking damage, and why does it hurt?
What an amazing start to the war which Author Eiichiro Oda has stated will make Marine Ford look like a filler. I can’t wait for more One Piece.

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