My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, people from all over the globe today’s review we will be reviewing “My Hero Academia – World Heroes Mission” which debuted in theaters November 11th, 2021. 
Before I go any further it’s pivotal for us to firstly understand when the events of the movie happened precisely. The fact that Izuku Midoriya is currently using his newly acquired quirk black whip to the extent that he’s using it after it only being shown on the 5th Season will confuse a lot of people in the audience especially those who are new to the series and don’t know what’s happened until now.
My best guess is that the events happen during the Endeavor internship with Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki meaning the events happened sometime between season 5, whether it’s before the first half of the fifth season or the second half with the villain arc is left to the audience to make up their mind and fill in the pieces.
Now that we’ve gotten the timeline out of the way let’s begin with the review.
Firstly can we talk about the naming of the film, “World Heroes Mission” for a second? The name is very misleading as it suggests that the events to follow will impact the entire world and require all the heroes from all over the world to come together and fight but what happens is that it’s more focused on Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki.
The beginning of the film felt like the ending, peoples abilities were going out of control all due to a cult of terrorists called the Humarise that believe that people’s abilities are growing at a faster rate than people bodies can handle, eventually leading to a world that will lose all control of their powers yet they are the ones to forcibly invoke this phenomenon with their chemical attack.
It’s as if even though the manga and anime have tried to tell us over and over again about the conspiracy of the “Quirk Singularity” which involves a study postulated by Dr. Kyudai Garaki over seventy years ago that with each passing generation, quirks are becoming stronger and stronger leading to humans not being able to handle their quirks soon yet no one listened.
Que, enters the cult’s leader, Flect Turn. Flect was blessed with the ability to reflect any attack and its effect back to its user. Normally this would be overpowered already however his ability has grown stronger with age to the point that it not only reflects attacks and damage but also can reflect people’s feelings to them meaning, his unable to know feelings, his unable to feel anyone else’s feelings, love and compassion has become insignificant to him.
This causes the “blue martian” to start a cult with the remaining twenty percent of humanity that doesn’t have abilities to believe in the “Quirk Doomsday Theory”, as their bible but what they don’t know is that Flect himself is the one behind the chemical attacks that then cause people to lose control of their abilities. and yet he has an ability.
The movie as a whole is amazing to watch, you have your “WOW” moments with Midoriya who has learned how to use Blackwhip as if he’s become the Japanese version of Spiderman on the bridge, referencing the movie “Spiderman – Far From Home”, or Todoroki who has finally learned his new move “Flashfire Fist” that took out a powerful villain in one punch.
You also have your sweet, chill moments in the film for example when Midoriya and Rody become friends and travel alongside the mountain road in a stolen vehicle. You get to see some cool moments with Class 1 – A and B working together instead of fighting one another all the time, sure it’s the biggest cast of heroes we’ve ever seen in one film but most of the time you don’t even get to see the rest of them.


Aside from that some things don’t necessarily make this the best movie so far for the My Hero Academia franchise, one being that the villains don’t have any depth to them besides Flect Turn, secondly, we never got the reason for the girl shooting arrows killing herself when she ran out of arrows and thirdly Rody Soul even after saving the world still lived in poverty with his siblings, I mean, the guy just saved the world and the only thanks they got is a jail free pass from monopoly. Amazing.
The animation art style is hella fire, especially when Midoriya went all one hundred percent on Flect Turn, not to mention Bakugo finally using his best move with intent to win this time or how about the opening when the three musketeers arrived at the Humarise mansion after jumping off an airship.
Oh yes, that’s another misleading thing, all this time we are shown the three musketeers, Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki wearing some of the best hero gear I’ve ever seen in all of animation history only for them to wear it for only 5 mins throughout the 1hr 41 mins of the film. This was heartbreaking lol…
Let us not forget Rody Soul, as a side character I grew to like Rody Soul. The boy had to grow up fast after the disappearance of their father who was later revealed to be kidnapped by Humarise and used to create the trigger bomb, after which they disposed of him. Rody didn’t even get to live his childhood as he had been taking care of his siblings whenever their father went to work and after his disappearance, the only closure Rody Soul received is knowing that their father didn’t abandon them which I find unfair after all the sacrifices they did to save the world. 
Couldn’t My Hero Academia afford to give the guy a meddle of honor or something, new clothes perhaps? Or how about a grocery voucher for a year, how about that? lol…
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Director - Kenji Nagasaki

"I watched a number of different anime, and after watching Perfect Blue by Satoshi Kon I decided to join the animation studio MADHOUSE"

When a cult of terrorists called Humarise ruins a city by releasing a toxin that causes people’s abilities to spiral out of control, Japan’s greatest heroes spread around the world in an attempt to track down the mastermind Flect Turn and put him to justice.
Daiki  Yamashita
Nobuhiko Okamoto
Yûki Kaji
Ryô Yoshizawa
Kazuya Nakai
Tetsu Inada

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