One Piece Episode 996 – Onigashima In Tumult! Luffy’s All Out War

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are back with another installment of One Piece!!! And man have I been waiting, with the delay of last week’s episode, it felt like One Piece would be so far away but thanks to the week flying by and no delay this week, we can finally get into it.
This week’s episode begins with the continuation of the Akazuya samurai striking Kaido in the abdominal and falling of the performance hall’s balcony to the basement. Kaido is absolutely rocked by this surprise attack from the ghosts he thought were dead more than 20 years ago.
As Kaido is falling, he sees Oden in his mind and the scar Oden had left him starts to throb again. For one, how is it that Kaido has been stabbed, and two, how can normal blades hurt him when it is said nothing could penetrate his skin? it has been tried and tested and all failed before Kaido, so this is something Eiichiro Oda will have to explain as the story progresses. But it looks to me like Kaido has some PTSD issues he has to resolve lol…
We then go to Yamato, Kaido’s Son who is with Luffy and they are amazed at how strong Oden’s retainers but we are briefly interrupted by Ulti who charges Yamato for blindsiding her earlier when she was still fighting Luffy. Ulti reminds Yamato that one should always take good care of their family however Yamato replies that if she truly believes that then she should start looking after her younger brother Page One.
This sends the ever-furious Ulti into a frenzy as she always considers herself Page One’s number. Toei Animations again doesn’t disappoint with the action scene between the two ladies of honor throwing down one after another.
During the chaos, Big Mom spots out Luffy and remembers the reason she came to Wano Country in the first place, with anger in her eyes she charges at Luffy who isn’t at all in the mood for her. Big Mom is an anomaly, everyone who sees her freaks out, Big Mom is the most intermediating Emperor of the Sea hands down. There’s no going around it, when she focuses her mind on something, nothing can stop her, I mean she nearly destroyed her own entire country because of cravings, what gives ODA? lol…
With Big Mom distracted Nami and Carrot begin their escape plan from the homies of Big Mom but Nami is still absorbed by the thoughts of getting Zeus back, she manages to lore Zeus to her using her black balls from her Clima-Tact but something seems off about her and being a One Piece reader for over 10 Years I can confirm without a doubt that Nami isn’t too happy with Zeus’s betrayal earlier and I think Zeus knows it as well lol…
With the end of the episode near, we head back to the basement floor where Kaido and the Akazuya Samurai have fallen too. Kaido has his entire body bound, both arms and legs are held down to make sure he can not escape nor move but who are we talking about ladies and gentle, this is Kaido we’re talking about so eventually he gets himself loose and confirms his theory that the only reason he never heard anything about them is that they were using the Straw Hats as a decoy.
Kaido being a pirate himself never imagined that the very same samurai who hated him for killing their Lord “Oden” would ever ask for help from pirates themselves and that was his grave but Kaido insults Luffy by declaring that once pirates see themselves in an unwinnable situation they will turn around and leave the samurai to their fates but Kinemon is quick to shoot down this insult from Kaido stating that Luffy isn’t like them.
Kinemon says that Luffy will be the man at the top of the seas one day and whether or not they make it through this night, Luffy will still be standing and the Land of Wano will be free again because that is what they promised their Lord.


And with that we go back to Luffy who tells Big Mom that the reason he’s here isn’t to take down Kaido which leaves everything speechless because that is what they thought was the plan however Luffy instead says, He is here to beat down Big Mom, Kaido, Orochi, the officers and everyone affiliated with them, “It’s an all-out war!” 
Thank you for reading…