Kate (2021)

If you are looking for a female main character who knows her way around a close combat fight or shooting skills to match pro gamers during their live streams on call of duty or apex legends, then this is the film for you, listen up people, I’m about to go HAM on this review.


I loved it, I genuinely loved and enjoyed this film from start to finish. There were twists and turns at the start and there were twists and turns at the end. What I can reveal about being an assassin is that no matter who you are, no matter the importance or consequences, everyone can be replaced and this is what I loved about this dynamic film.


Kate is an assassin who at the end of her career decides to get out of the assassins lifestyle and live a normal life, perhaps raise a child of her own, wear fancy designer dresses and eat at 5-star restaurants but that is all put on pause when poisoned with a dangerous chemical “Polonium 204”. 


Kate decides to look for the man who spiked her drink with this deadly chemical, but he too was being blackmailed and didn’t know the true identity of the men behind this. So Kate consults in her mentor Varrick, who raised her, trained her, showed her everything she knows about guns and fighting. With her time ticking fast she realizes that this could be revenge from her last assignment.


She learns that the yakuza and leader of it (Kijima) are her targets but can’t seem to find their whereabouts so she is advised to ask Kijima’s niece (Ani) who has been left behind by the yakuza because of the death of her father who was killed right in front of her eyes by Kate during her last assignment.


Kate kidnaps Ani and threatens her to call Kijima but Ani doesn’t have his number as she is considered an outsider since her father’s death, but she can contact Kijima’s right-hand man Renji who sends a few men not to help Ani but to kill her because, in that way with her out of the way, it means the Kijima bloodline will end and he can take over the yakuza as the new leader.


But Renji could not achieve this goal on his own, he had a very trusty accomplice in Varrick. To think that all this time, Varrick and Renji had been working together, Varrick wanted to join the Yakuza which Kijima would not allow as an American, but Renji didn’t mind as long as he could be the leader.


There are so many character growths all within a span of 24Hours in this movie, one has to confront their demons before they die and so did Kate and Ani. In the end, all questions are revealed with truth and a conclusion for all parties is found good or bad.
 One of the most memorable moments in this film is the fight between Kate and Jojima who was Renji’s boyfriend and man this guy did not take too likely to be intruded in his own home. And no matter how beat up he was, the man always found time to fix his appearance, even with stab wounds, the flamboyant diva had to be beautiful lol… This fight left me in stitches.


Spectacular Movie…

Director - Cedric Nicolas-Troyan

"The thing for me about the action is, I like to be more on the short side,"

Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is spiked with a fatal poison on her final assignment, the deadly assassin has less than 24 Hours to find her target and exact revenge.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Miku Martineau
Woody Harrelson
Tadanobu Asano
Jun Kunimura