The Gray Man

The Gray Man film by the Russo Brothers Joe and Anthony is a phenomenal adaptation of the novel – The Gray Man by author Mark Greaney, first published in 2009.


We follow a CIA’s secret agent by the name of — Six, who discovers dirty secrets about the agency that may compromise some of its top executives.
This triggers a global manhunt by assassins and agents alike, all set loose by his ex-colleagues to find him and terminate him if need be.
The first thing I found incredibly intriguing about this film is its brilliant cast such as Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas, Chris Evans and so much more.
Secondly, it’s dialog/script. The conversations between the agents, assassins and mercenaries are encrypted, coded, and fascinating to hear and watch throughout the film.
They come off as wild siblings that love to hate one another.
Six played by Ryan Gosling gave me Goosebumps in this film, sure his character doesn’t seem to express his emotions much but when he finally does, you as the audience understand why.
It’s as if watching a blend of characters like John Wick and Ethan Hunt, he doesn’t speak much nor ask for much but once he has his sight on something, it such be done.
This film offers plenty of fast-paced action that starts with the film throughout the very end.
Bangkok is the first scene after the intro and if this scene doesn’t get you hyped for what’s in store for you, then I don’t know what will.
I mean the visuals and scenery were just colorful, bright, and simply out of this world, same with the fighting choreography in-between the fireworks is just insane, insane, and brilliant.
All it takes is ten minutes of this movie to fully get you invested and involved.
Lloyd Hansen played by Chris Evans has to be my favorite character of this film and probably Chris Evans’ best-played character aside from Captain America from Marvel.
His character is arrogant, cocky, overconfident and a straight-up psychopath to the very letter, strangely enough, he is the only one that doesn’t see it lol…
You surely won’t be disappointed with this film, especially with the action scenes, we get to see action in some of the most untraditional of locations.
Production of The Gray Man sees us fighting in some of the most unconventional places such as planes, trains, hospitals, and even public parks.
If being left speechless was a film, this would be it.
Worried I was when they switched from a rogue agent into a hostage situation but the effort they did to make us bond with Claire and Six was a great decision from the directors as this helped form a connection with the sudden introduction of a new character.
Ana de Armas should be placed in more action films, it seems the Blade Runner and James Bond films have finally paid off as she was incredible throughout the entire film.
My favorite moment of the film would have to be seeing Suzanne Brewer played by Jessica Henwick nearly have a heart attack when seeing Lloyd starting world war 3 in Prague, I couldn’t stop laughing.
What an amazing experience it was to watch this film.
Let me know in the comments section below what some of your favorite moments of The Gray Man are.
Thanks for reading…The Gray Man

Joe Russo & Anthony Russo

“We’re very self-sufficient. I mean, our process has always been very comprehensive. We know what we want to do. We know how we want to do it.”

When the CIA’s top asset — his identity known to no one — uncovers agency secrets, he triggers a global hunt by assassins set loose by his ex-colleague.
Ryan Gosling
Ana de Armas
Chris Evans
Julia Butters
Jessica Henwick
Alfre Woodard
Billy Bob Thornton
Rege-Jean Page
Callan Mulvey
2h 2mins

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